Press Releases/Media Advisories – 2020

DESCRIPTION DATE CATEGORY Comunicado de Prensa en Español
Recreational Water Users Urged to Be Vigilant About Harmful Algal Blooms 05/22/2020 Water Quality  
Dairy Operator Agrees to $57,024 Settlement for Dumping Dairy Wastewater on Cropland and Poor Waste Management Practices 05/21/2020 Region 5 / Water Quality  
State Water Board Adopts Regulations to Elevate Data Quality for CA Communities 05/06/2020 Drinking Water Programs  
Adoption of Policy Will Set Priorities and Guide Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund For Next Decade 05/05/2020 Drinking Water Programs  
$5 million Allocated for lead testing in California Child Care Centers 05/04/2020 Drinking Water Programs  
State Water Board Adopts Monthly Water Use Reporting Requirements 04/21/2020 Water Quality  
Chino-based Environmental Lab Fined $90,000 for False Representations in Reports 04/10/2020 Drinking Water Programs  
State Water Board Issues Key Documents That Further Efforts to Remove Klamath River Dams 04/04/2020 Water Rights  
SF Bay Water Board Orders North America’s Largest Mushroom Grower to Pay $911,000 For Polluted Stormwater Discharges 04/06/2020 Region 2 / Water Quality  
Governor Issues Water Shutoff Order and Takes Steps to Maintain Delivery of Critical Water Services During COVID-19 Crisis 04/02/2020 Drinking Water Programs Comunicado de Prensa en Español
The Public Advised to NOT Flush Disinfecting Wipes, Paper Towels down Toilet - Throw Them Away instead 03/17/2020 Drinking Water Programs  
Se Recomienda No Tirar Toallitas Disenfectantes o Toallas de Papel Por el Inodoro - Tiralos en la Basura 03/17/2020 Drinking Water Programs  
$1.5 Million Settlement for Multiple Sewage Spills to Mojave River Tributaries 02/16/2020 Region 6 / Water Quality  
City of Morgan Hill to Pay $433,366 for Four Sewage Spills to Llagas Creek 02/13/2020 Region 3 / Water Quality  
Two Laboratories Fined for Delayed Reporting of Drinking Water Test Results 02/13/2020 Drinking Water Enforcement  
Response Levels Lowered for Water Systems Statewide as PFAS Investigation Continues 02/06/2020 Drinking Water  
California Marks Key Step Toward Achieving Sustainable Groundwater Management 01/31/2020 Water Quality  
Climate Report Prompts Proposed Policy Changes to Protect San Francisco Bay and Outlying Areas 01/24/2020 Region 2 / Water Quality  
2020 Citizen Monitoring Calendar Makes History 01/15/2020 General  
San Diego Water Board Seeks $9 Million Penalty Against Baldwin & Sons for Illegal Discharges and Permit Violations 01/14/2020 Region 9 / Water Quality