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Groundwater Information Accessibility and Identification of Communities Reliant on Contaminated Groundwater–AB 2222

Communities that Rely on Contaminated Groundwater

Chapter 670, Statutes of 2008 (AB 2222, Caballero) requires the State Water Board to submit to the Legislature a report that identifies:

  1. Communities that rely on contaminated groundwater as a primary source of drinking water.
  2. Groundwater sources for the communities identified in (1), identify the principal contaminants in that groundwater, and identify contamination levels.
  3. Identifies potential solutions and funding sources to clean up or treat groundwater or to provide alternative water supplies to ensure the provision of safe drinking water to communities identified in (1).

A draft report titled “Communities That Rely on Contaminated Groundwater” was made available for public review and comment in February 2012. The public comment period ended April 2, 2012.  »»   Comments Received

Identify Funding Option to Extend the Comprehensive Monitoring (GAMA) Program

The Groundwater Quality Monitoring Act of 2001 (AB 599) requires the State Water Board to integrate existing monitoring programs and design new program elements, as necessary, to establish a comprehensive monitoring program capable of assessing each groundwater basin in the state through direct and other statistically reliable sampling approaches. The Comprehensive Monitoring Program is the State Water Boards Groundwater Ambient Monitoring and Assessment “GAMA” Program.

Chapter 670/2008 also required the State Water Board to identify, and recommend to the Legislature, funding options to extend the GAMA program until January 1, 2024. The bill also required the State Water Board to make recommendations to enhance public accessibility of information on groundwater conditions. A report titled “Public accessibility to Information About Groundwater Conditions” was submitted to the Legislature in 2010.

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