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GAMA - Additional Domestic Well Information

Many agencies maintain Websites focused on domestic well water quality concerns. Additional information can be found at:

The United States Geological Survey also monitors the quality of water from Domestic Wells in the United States as part of the National Water-Quality (NAWQA) Program. The large number of contaminants assessed as part of this program, and the broad geographic coverage of the study provides a baseline for an improved understanding of groundwater quality in major aquifers in the United States.

The US EPA also provides a detailed booklet, available online, that discusses common contaminants:

The Illinois State Water Survey and the Illinois Water Resources Center at the University of Illinois provide free online training for homeowners with water wells. The Private Well Classes are designed to help a homeowner and well user understand the basic science of water wells and inform them of best practices to maintain and protect the water supply. The nationwide training initiative was funded by the Rural Community Assistance Partnership through a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.