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GAMA - Domestic Well Checklist

The following checklist contains steps that can help domestic well owners evaluate the quality of their well water:

  • Step 1: Test the water quality of your well (see ‘Testing your well water'’)

  • Step 2: Evaluate the quality of your well water. To assist well owners in understanding their test results, a link to reference information about standards that apply to public drinking water supplies is included below. It is important to understand that the quality of the water in your well is not required to meet these standards.

  • Step 3: To confirm your test results that are above a primary MCL, it is recommended that re-test your well for those contaminants.

  • Step 4: Conduct routine well maintenance to ensure that it is not damaged.  Repair any damage. Avoid letting surface water pool around your well. Do not dispose of potentially hazardous materials down sinks or drains, especially if you have a septic system.  Do not dispose of petroleum products, fertilizers, or pesticides by dumping them on the ground.  Protect your well from vandalism, animal wastes, septic system discharge, and wildlife.