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GAMA - Domestic Well - Addressing Water Quality Issues

How can I fix my well's water quality problem?

There are several options available if a water quality problem is identified in your private domestic well. Examples of domestic well treatment systems include activated alumina filters, activated charcoal filters, air stripping, anion exchange, chlorination, reverse osmosis, ozonation, and ultraviolet radiation. The type of treatment system used will depend on the type of water quality issues you are trying to address. Not all treatment systems treat all water quality issues. Contact your local health agency for additional help in selecting a water quality professional that can help you select and install an appropriate treatment system.

The Residential Water Treatment Device Registration program (part of the State Water Board’s Division of Drinking Water) is responsible for ensuring that residential water treatment devices sold for purifying water meet appropriate standards in the state of California. The program provides a list of registered water treatment devices for sale, current devices that reduce arsenic and nitrates, and additional information.

The Water Quality Association provides information regarding water quality issues, water treatment providers and certified products.

The USGS provides a list of possible filtration/treatment methods for common problems:

Removing the source of the contaminant, deepening or moving your well, linking to a public water supply, or switching to an alternative water supply (such as bottled water) are also potential options.


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