Water Recycling Funding Program (WRFP)

    • Proposition 1 provides for $625 million in funding for recycled water projects. Financial assistance is provided through Loans and grant for planning and construction activities.
    • Proposition 13, approved by voters in 2000, provided financial assistance through loans and grants for planning and construction activities. The funding capacity under this authority is now very limited.
    • Proposition 68, approved by voters in June 2018, provided $72 million in loans and grants for recycled water planning and construction.
    • Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) Program, which provides low-interest loans to public agencies for planning, design, and construction of water recycling projects.
  • Water Recycling Funding
  • Water Code §5103 - Diversion Reporting Requirements Regulation Affecting Eligibility for Grants and Loans effective January 1, 2012
  • Water rights requirements for State Revolving Fund Loan and Grant applicants.
  • Water Recycling Policy
  • Water Recycling Research
  • Economic Analysis Resource Documents
  • Construction Application Requirements
  • Planning Application Requirements
  • Apply Online Now
    • Water Recycling Projects Receiving 1% Financing Commitment Through the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (updated 02/20/19)
    • 2015 Municipal Wastewater Recycling Survey Results
    • Funding dispersed to recipients since program inception


    The mission of the Water Recycling Funding Program (WRFP) is to promote the beneficial use of treated municipal wastewater (water recycling) in order to augment fresh water supplies in California by providing technical and financial assistance to agencies and other stakeholders in support of water recycling projects and research.


    Our vision is to achieve maximum reuse of treated municipal wastewater for beneficial uses in California.

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