Public Comments regarding Proposed Draft Model Criteria for Groundwater Monitoring

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  • Deadline to receive comments by: May 29, 2015 by 12:00 noon
Commenter(s): Submitted by:
Bayswater Exploration & Production, LLC Kevin Kane
BSK Associates Matthew Hutson
Amer Hussain
California Independent Petroleum Association Blair Knox
Center for Biological Diversity Brian Nowicki
Chevron Michael Rubio
E&B Natural Resources Joyce Holtzclaw
Environmental Consulting Services Mark Kram
General Public David Schwartzbart
General Public Jane Ellis-McNaboe
General Public Justin Bass
General Public Justin Bass (2)
General Public Justin Bass (3)
Groundwater Resources Association of California Ted Johnson
Haley & Aldrich, Oakland Murray Einarson
Kara Block Creative Kara Block
San Jose State University, Department of Biological Sciences Steven White
Termo Company Ralph Combs
Christi Reid
Western States Petroleum Association Kevin Buchan

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