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About GeoTracker

GeoTracker is the Water Boards groundwater information system that provides access to environmental data from many water quality regulatory programs including oil and gas monitoring related activities.

Information and data in GeoTracker from oil and gas monitoring programs include:

Oil and gas monitoring programs:

  • Aquifer Exemption;
  • Produced Water Ponds;
  • Underground Injection Control (UIC);
  • Well Stimulation Projects - Groundwater Monitoring Plans;
  • Well Stimulation Projects - Exclusions and
  • Well Stimulation Projects - Property Owner Sampling.

To access this information, go to "Advanced Search" at GeoTracker.

Frequently Asked Questions: Oil and Gas Monitoring in GeoTracker

For additional information on GeoTracker go to: http://www.waterboards.ca.gov/water_issues/programs/ust/electronic_submittal/

Please contact the GeoTracker help desk at Geotracker@waterboards.ca.gov or (866) 480-1028 for technical questions and support on uploading data to GeoTracker.