Nonpoint Source (NPS) – Encyclopedia

The NPS Encyclopedia is a free on-line reference guide designed to facilitate a basic understanding of nonpoint source (NPS) pollution control and to provide quick access to essential information from a variety of sources by providing direct hy

The guide is organized around the six land-use categories:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Forestry
  3. Urban
  4. Marinas and recreational boating
  5. Hydromodification
  6. Wetlands, riparian, and vegetated treatment systems

The home page for the NPS Encyclopedia contains a description on how to use the guide, its purpose, and an index of each land use category; applicable and relevant federal, state and local laws, policies and ordinances; and general resources (both technical and financial). Each land-use category web page contains an index of relevant management measures, general technical and financial resources, programs, and references. Each management measure web page describes the management measure in detail, lists each relevant management practice, provides specific (technical and financial) resources, and describes relevant programs (if not listed in the overarching land-use category page) and references. Web pages for all of the management measures can be accessed through an index located on the NPS Encyclopedia home page, as well as on each relevant land-use category main page.

Index of Management Measures for Each Land Use Category

0  NPS Encyclopedia Homepage

1  Agriculture Homepage

2  Forestry Homepage

3  Urban Areas Homepage (newly reorganized)

3.1 Planning and Design

3.2 Construction Practices (includes construction of transportation infrastructure)

3.3 Education and Outreach

4  Marinas and Recreational Boating Homepage

4.1 Marina Siting and Design

4.2 Operations and Maintenance

4.3 Education and Outreach

5  Hydromodification Homepage (newly reorganized)

5.1 Stream Channel Modification

5.2 Managing Hydromodification Impacts

5.3 Education and Outreach

6  Wetlands and Vegetated Treatment Systems Homepage

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