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SWAMP - Additional California Websites

  • Emerging Aquatic Nuisance Species in California and the Pacific Southwest Region

  • US Forest Service Pacific Northwest Division Invasive Species Website

  • Department of Fish and Wildlife's Aquatic Invasive Species Management Plan

  • California Regional Invasive Species Information System
    Through collaboration with several California Node partners, the (CRISIS) represents an effort to develop an improved information management framework for invasive species data. The goal is to develop methods to share data across the Internet for combination into new information products. Key elements of CRISIS include:
    • "CRISIS" clearinghouse for information on invasive species in California is apparently off both the ICE 'Active' & 'Supporting' lists.
    • CRISIS Maps is an interactive display of dynamically loaded weed observations and associated data.

  • California Noxious Weed Control Projects Inventory
    The projects in the Calweed Database have been incorporated into the Natural Resource Projects Inventory (NRPI).

    Invasive Plant Management – Inventory and Survey

  • The California Weed Mapping Handbook
    This handbook is a training resource for local groups (such as Weed Management Areas) involved in wildland weed mapping. It provides two types of information: (1) shared data standards, so that different data sets will be compatible, and (2) “how to” instructional information on mapping techniques. The aim of this guidebook is to help those working on weed issues to develop mapping systems that will support project goals on both a local and state level.

    California Invasive Plant Council (IPC)

    Reducing the Introduction and Distribution of Aquatic Non- Native Invasive Species through Outreach, an educational program for the San Francisco Bay-Delta system.

  • Invasive Aquatic Species – National Invasive Species Information Center
    USDA National Agricultural Library - Species Profiles

  • Invasive Species List and Scorecards for California
    This website is designed to solicit expert comment on the list and scorecards. Expert review is essential to making the list and scorecards accurate. We encourage you to create an account and comment on taxa within your area of expertise. Please invite your colleagues to do the same. You can review our list of species to see if we left anything out, and review scorecards for individual species to see how they were rated.  This UC Davis Information Center for the Environment (ICE) website is updated through 2010.

  • Non-Native Reptiles and Amphibians Established In California
    This is a list of non-native reptiles and amphibians which have been introduced into California through the actions of humans. These species have established self-sustained breeding populations. Most of them have arrived recently, spread by humans either intentionally or accidentally. In some cases these established populations may prove to be only temporary and they will eventually die out.

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