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SWAMP - Statewide Monitoring Programs

Bioaccumulation Monitoring Program

Addresses whether fish found in California's streams, lakes, and coastal areas are safe to eat by measuring contaminant concentrations in fish tissue. The Safe to Eat Workgroup (Workgroup), formerly known as the Bioaccumulation Oversight Group (BOG) guides the implementation of the Bioaccumulation Monitoring Program.

Bioassessment Program

Assesses the health of streams and rivers by surveying the aquatic life (insects and algae) living in a waterbody and compares the results to expected reference conditions.

Freshwater and Estuarine HABs Program

Addresses harmful algal blooms, particularly originating from cyanobacteria (blue green algae), in freshwater and estuarine systems throughout California.

Stream Pollution Trends Monitoring Program

Monitors trends in sediment toxicity and sediment contaminant concentrations and relates contaminant concentrations to watershed land uses.