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  • NEMESIS (National Exotic Marine and Estuarine Species Information System) is a resource for information on non-native (or exotic) species that occur in coastal marine waters of the United States. The Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC) has developed and maintains a national database of marine and estuarine invasions of the continental U.S. and Alaska.
  • OSPR - The Marine Invasive Species Program is a multi-agency effort to control the introduction on Non-Indigenous Species (NIS) from the ballast of ocean-going vessels. Under this program, the Department of Fish and Wildlife is required to conduct studies to determine the level of invasion in the coastal and estuarine waters of the state, and monitor for new introductions to determine whether the program's ballast control measures are effective. The Marine Invasive Species Program is an on-going program and the Department of Fish and Wildlife has several reporting responsibilities. Data from the monitoring effort must be posted to the internet and updated on an annual basis.
  • CitSci.org is an invasive species mapping program that allows citizens, school groups, and professionals to enter invasive species observations into a global database
  • USGS NAS - Nonindigenous Aquatic Species Search by - State or by Major Drainage Area (using a hydrologic unit code) - HUC2, HUC6, HUC8
  • Dept of Fish & Wildlife: Invasive Species Program - Maps of Quagga and Zebra Mussel Infested and Undetected Areas

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