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SWAMP - Field Methods Course CDs Available

California’s Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program (SWAMP) is now offering the SWAMP Field Methods Course online. Two SWAMP Field Methods Course CD’s are now available, while supplies last, at no charge.   Disc 1 of this Field Methods Course was released November 1, 2005; and none of these first 6 modules have been updated since then. We now have both a new Module 7 - Biological and Physical Assessments’ (or Disc 2), and expanded and updated field procedures which are located online.  Module 7 and these field procedures cover algae also; along with updates to many of the field bioassessment procedures found in this field methods course.   These updated procedures and field data sheets can be accessed on our Website.

This water quality monitoring field methods course is audio/visual. We thank State Water Board videographer Dale Oliver for this quality product.  The 1st disc (not updated) of this course covers the first six field course modules, as well as the field course common elements of  health & safety, quality assurance, representativeness (of the samples being collected for the river, creek, lake, etc.), and data management.  The second disc is the relatively new (developed in 2012) Module 7, ‘Biological (macroinvertebrates or ‘bugs’ & algae) and Physical Assessments’.

Modules 1-6 of this field methods course, located on Disc 1, include; 'Reconnaissance' of your field monitoring site, 'Water Quality Measurements', 'Flow Measurements', 'Water Sampling', 'Sediment Sampling', and 'Sample Handling & Shipping'. Again, common elements for all 7 modules are located on Disc 1, also; as are a glossary, index, and other resources.

If you would like a SWAMP Field Methods Course CD, please email Mary Tappel with your request.  Please make sure to specify which disc you would like (or both, of course) in your email, and make sure to include your return mailing address.