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SWAMP logoThe Stream Pollution Trends Monitoring Program (SPoT) assesses contaminant concentrations in selected large rivers throughout California SPoT is designed to improve our understanding of watersheds and water quality by monitoring changes in both over time, as well as evaluating impacts of land use and development, and assessing the effectiveness of regulatory programs and conservation efforts at the watershed scale.

The overall goal of this long-term trends assessment is to detect meaningful changes in the concentrations of contaminants and their biological effects in large watersheds at time scales appropriate to management decisions. Sediment toxicity and a suite of pesticides, trace metals, and industrial compounds have been analyzed from 100 sites annually since 2008.

SPoT Reports and Fact Sheets

The toxicity categories in these reports ("non-toxic," "some toxicity," "moderate toxicity," and "high toxicity") are assigned to SPoT sites using this flow chart.

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Science Review Committee Members

Debra Denton, Ph.D.
Environmental Scientist
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 9
Phone: (916) 341-5520

Michelle Hladik, Ph.D.
Research Chemist
U.S. Geological Survey
Phone: (916) 278-3183

Kelly Moran, Ph.D
TDC Environmental, LLC
Phone: (650) 627-8690