UST Program – Enhanced Leak Detection (ELD) Notification

Senate Bill 989 (Stats.1999, Ch. 812) and Assembly Bill 2481 (Stats. 2002, Ch. 999) require owners/operators of Underground Storage Tank (UST) systems located within 1,000 feet of a public drinking water well to implement enhanced leak detection (ELD). USTs with single-walled components must be tested using ELD within 18 months of notification by the State Water Board UST Program and every three years thereafter. USTs with secondary containment must be tested once using ELD before January 1, 2005. Initially, State Water Board UST Program staff mailed notification to owners and operators of USTs with single-walled components between November 2001 and February 2003 and to owners and operators of USTs with secondary containment between February 2003 and May 2003.

In November 2006, UST Program staff mailed three types of letters:

  1. New notifications to facilities that were not previously notified;
  2. notices of noncompliance to facilities that have not responded to a previous notification; and
  3. withdrawal of notification to facilities that are no longer subject to ELD testing based on proximity to wells.

The State Water Board UST program will mail additional notifications to facilities which are subject to the ELD testing requirement as they are identified.

Owners/Operators may request reconsideration from the State Water Board if they believe their tank systems are not subject to ELD testing.

The following documents explain the implementation of this requirement: