Water Rights

Business Information Contacts

Purpose Number
General Water Right information;
Requesting an Application to divert water;
Filing a Groundwater Extraction Report; and/or,
Supplemental Statement of Water Diversion and use.
All other forms.
(916) 341-5300
Filing a Water Right Application, Protest or Petition (916) 341-5356
Filing a complaint in regard to unauthorized stream diversion (916) 341-5300
Filing a License or Permittee report (916) 323-9393
Division of Water Rights Fax Number (916) 341-5400

Pursuant to Assembly Bill 505, State agencies that significantly regulates small businesses must designate a small business liaison. The small business liaison for the State Water Boards is Gita Kapahi. Email Gita Kapahi or phone 916 341-5501 to inquire about any regulatory activity affecting your company.

The firms listed below have indicated that they perform services in the area of California water law or water rights consulting. The Division of Water Rights does not recommend or endorse any particular firm or consultant. To have your company or firm added to these lists, email dwr@waterboards.ca.gov.