Water Measurement and Monitoring

Vendors/suppliers of Water Measurement and Monitoring Equipment and Systems

  • Amco  »»  www.watermeters.com
    Provider of on-line source for water meters.
  • Arch Systems »» https://archsys.io/
    Remote monitoring solutions. Provider of an electronic data logger with cloud storage to simplify water usage reporting.
  • Atlas Scientific  »»  www.atlas-scientific.com/
    Manufacturer of sensors for environmental monitoring.
  • Campbell Scientific »» https://www.campbellsci.com/water
    Specializing in rugged, low-power sensor and data acquisition solutions for hydro-met, surface/ground water, flood warning, water quality and SCADA applications
  • CL Solutions  »»  www.c-lsolutions.com
    Manufacturer of the universal and cost effective AquaMaster 900R Flowmeter and totalizer for all irrigation applications.
  • Core Automation  »»  www.coreautomation.com/
    Systems integration. Panel Fabrication including UL508 control panels for water control and monitoring.
  • Cornell Pump Company  »» https://copilot.cornellpump.com
    Cornell Co-Pilot™ provides remote monitoring and control to all pump systems. Remotely access water usage, pressures, overall pump health and more.
  • Davis Instruments  »»  www.davisnet.com/
    California developer and manufacturer of precision weather instruments and monitoring solutions to measure and record environmental data.
  • Elster  »»  www.elsteramcowater.com Provider of measurement and communications technology to the water industry.
  • Eyasco Inc  »»  http://eyasco.com/ Eyasco specializes in combining low power monitoring and control systems with telemetry and visual tools for "factory floor awareness" of remote natural and man-made environments.
  • farm(x)  »»  www.farmx.ag
    Provider of irrigation optimization services and sensor manufacturer focused on agriculture.
  • FTS  »»  http://ftsinc.com/
    Designer of reliable environmental monitoring solutions for extreme environments.
  • Global Water  »»  www.globalw.com
    Manufacturer and distributor of water, wastewater and environmental instrumentation.
  • Hortau  »»  www.hortau.com
    Provider of real-time soil moisture monitoring, flow-meter monitoring systems, and online platforms.
  • Hydroscientific West  »»  http://hydroscientificwest.com
    Provider of instrumentation and control (SCADA) sales, service, and integration into the water resource/hydrology and irrigation communities.
  • In-Situ  »»  https://in-situ.com
    Designs, manufactures, and rents water quantity and quality instrumentation.
  • Inspector Tools  »»  www.inspectortools.com
    Large distributor of high quality inspection tools and test instruments.
  • Instrumart  »»  www.instrumart.com/categories/3049/flow-meters
    Supplier of test and measurement instruments.
  • Intermountain Environmental, Inc.  »»  www.inmtn.com
    We provide many options for monitoring flow in open channels or pressurized systems. We offer a variety of flumes, weirs and flow meters. We are also remote data and control system experts. We are an authorized Campbell Scientific reseller and integrator.
  • Irrigation Training & Research Center (ITRC)  »»  www.itrc.org
    Provider of pragmatic irrigation training and technical expertise to industry, farmers, irrigation districts, and state/federal agencies.
  • Mace  »»  www.macemeters.com
    Designs and manufactures water monitoring solutions for Industrial and wastewater markets, agriculture and environmental monitoring.
  • McCrometer  »»  www.mccrometer.com
    Provider of flowmeter and telemetry products, services, and experts.
  • Montage  »»  www.montageforag.com
    Developer and provider of technology to streamline farm management.
  • Mottech  »»  https://www.mottech.com
    Master Distributor of the Motorola IRRInet Water Management System, using wireless telemetry to monitor and control flow, irrigation, weather data, soil moisture and many other applications into a single, powerful platform.
  • Netafim  »»  www.netafimusa.com/agriculture
    Provider of products for drip/micro irrigation needs.
  • Onset  »»  www.onsetcomp.com/
    Provider of data logger and monitoring solutions used to measure, record, and manage data.
  • Picovale Services  »»  https://www.picovale.com
    Provider of equipment and telemetry solutions for environmental monitoring.
  • PowWow Energy  »»  www.powwowenergy.com/
    Innovator in the Agriculture & Food sector, bridging the gap between the Ag community and the Tech sector.
  • Pumpsight LLC  »»  www.pumpsight.com/
    Pumpsight provides complete water system monitoring solutions.
  • PWA  »»  www.pacificwatershed.com/
    Provides an all-in-one measuring, reporting and recording product and installation and certification services. Offers a regulatory compliance program including warehousing data and filing state reports.
  • Ranch Systems  »»  www.ranchsystems.com/
    Ranch Systems provides manufactures equipment and provides data reporting services for SB88 compliance, including well, creek flow, open channel flow, stock pond and reservoir monitoring and control systems.
  • Seametrics  »»  www.seametrics.com
    Designer and manufacturer of a wide variety of flow metering products.
  • Sentek  »»  www.sentekusa.com
    Sentek manufactures sensors and technology solutions for precision measurement and management of soil water and salinity dynamics.
  • Siemens  »» www.siemens.com/
    Designer and manufacturer of a comprehensive selection of flow metering products.
  • Stockmans  »»  www.stockmans.com
    Stockmans offers project design, equipment installation and data reporting services for SB88 compliance, including well, creek flow, open channel flow, stockpond and reservoir monitoring. Stockmans is a factory-authorized dealer for major brands of cellular telemetry, data loggers, flow meters, acoustic & hydrostatic water level sensors and non-contact water velocity sensors.
  • Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.  »»  www.stevenswater.com
    Provider of equipment and solutions for hydrological and environmental monitoring.
  • Trimark Associates  »»  www.trimarkassoc.com
    Provider of data collection, control and reporting systems for water diverters and agricultural enterprise operators.
  • USA Bluebook  »»  www.usabluebook.com
    Provider of products and technical support for professional water and wastewater operators.
  • Water Logic, LLC. »» http://calwaterlogic.com/
    Water Logic LLC, we’re farmers ourselves- providing site specific solutions for flow meter, soil moisture, and irrigation-related sensor monitoring and irrigation automation. Sales, Service & Installation.
  • Waterman  »»  www.watermanusa.com
    Provider of water control products.
  • The Well Bubbler  »»  www.wellbubbler.com
    The Well Bubbler forces compressed air through an air line installed in the well, pond or creek to accurately measure the water level. The level is automatically calculated from the length of the air line, and the air pressure, and is shown on the display in feet, stored in the built-in data logger, and optionally shown on a secure, web-based dashboard. The Well Bubbler is compatible with all common flow meters, and can be safely installed with all pump and motor types.
  • Wildeye/Outpost Central  »»  www.mywildeye.com/enterprise
    Providers of smart meters and web interface for managing water resources data.
  • Wiseconn Engineering  »»  www.wiseconn.com
    Wiseconn Engineering provides a telemetry solution for real-time flow meter, soil moisture, and irrigation-related sensor monitoring and irrigation automation through a web platform.
  • WQ Consultants  »»  www.pacificwatershed.com
    Provider of combined measuring, recording, and reporting tool.
  • XiO  »»  www.xiowatersystems.com/
    XiO Cloud SCADA® Control Systems provide remote monitoring and control of any water system, from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Xylem  »»  www.xylem.com/
    Field instrument manufacturer specialized in water level, water flow, data logging and data telemetry applications.

If you are a vendor/supplier of water measurement and monitoring equipment and would like to be added to this list, send an email to dwr-measurement@waterboards.ca.gov.

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