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Cachuma Project Hearing

The State Water Resources Control Board held a hearing to review the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) water rights Permits (Application 11331 and 11332) to determine whether any modifications in permit terms or conditions are necessary to protect public trust values and downstream water rights on the Santa Ynez River below Bradbury Dam (Cachuma Reservoir)

Post Evidentiary Hearings:

Evidentiary Hearings:

CEQA Compliance - Environmental Impact Reports:


FEIR Hearing (2012) - Should the FEIR be entered into the administrative record for Phase 2 of the Cachuma Hearing?

Phase 2 Hearing (2003)

Phase 1 Hearing (2000)

CEQA Compliance – Environmental Impact Reports

FEIR (2011)

2nd Revised DEIR (2011)

Revised DEIR (2007)

DEIR (2003)