Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Project No. 619

Project Name: Bucks Creek Hydroelectric Project

Bucks Creek Powerhouse Bucks Creek Powerhouse on the North Fork Feather River
(Image provided by State Water Board staff.)

Applicant: Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Inc. (PG&E) and the City of Santa Clara
County: Plumas
License Expiration Date: December 31, 2018
Water Quality Certification Status: Issued October 22, 2020
Waterbodies: Bucks Creek, Grizzly Creek, Milk Ranch Creek, and Tributaries to Milk Ranch Creek
FERC Licensing Process: Integrated Licensing Process

Project Description

The Bucks Creek Hydroelectric Project (Project) is an 84.8 megawatt (MW) project located in Plumas County, California. The Project consists of the Bucks Creek Powerhouse, Grizzly Powerhouse, Bucks Lake, Lower Bucks Lake, Grizzly Forebay, and Three Lakes along with associated conveyances and other facilities. Bucks Lake and Lower Bucks Lake are located on Bucks Creek and are used to store and divert water through the Grizzly Powerhouse into Grizzly Forebay. Grizzly Forebay is located on Grizzly Creek and diverts water through the Bucks Creek Powerhouse and into the North Fork Feather River. Three Lakes is located on Milk Ranch Creek and diverts water through the Milk Ranch Conduit to Lower Bucks Lake. The Milk Ranch Conduit also diverts water from various tributaries to Milk Ranch Creek. Bucks Creek, Grizzly Creek, and Milk Ranch Creek are all tributaries to the North Fork Feather River.

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