Kanaka Hydroelectric Project License Surrender

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Project No. 7242

Sucker Run Sucker Run Creek Below the Diversion Dam
(Image courtesy of STS Hydropower, LLC)

Applicant: STS Hydropower, LLC
County: Butte
License Expiration Date:July 31, 2035
Water Quality Certification Status: Awaiting Application
Waterbodies: Sucker Run Creek
FERC Licensing Process: License Surrender

Project Description:

The Kanaka Hydroelectric Project (Project) is located on Sucker Run Creek, a tributary of the South Fork Feather River, near the city of Oroville, CA. The Project consists of: (1) a 36-foot-long diversion dam; (2) a 5,669-foot-long pipeline/penstock; (3) a 1,200-kilowatt powerhouse; and (4) appurtenant facilities. The Project is run-of-river with negligible storage behind the diversion dam.

License Surrender
In August 2017, the Ponderosa Fire destroyed several Project facilities, including the powerhouse and transmission line. The Project has not operated since the fire. STS notified FERC that it will not restore the Project in May 2020.
STS proposes to surrender its license and decommission the Project via the following activities:

  • Leave the diversion dam and screens in place;
  • Weld the pipeline/penstock shut at the upper and lower ends;
  • Permanently seal the intake valve;
  • Remove the powerhouse and all mechanical and electrical equipment; and
  • Regrade the areas that contained the powerhouse, removed equipment, and access roads.