Sites Reservoir Project

Sites Reservoir Project
Sites Reservoir Inundation Area
(Image courtesy of Sites Project Authority)

Applicant: Sites Project Authority
County: Glenn and Colusa
Water Quality Certification Status: Awaiting Application
Waterbodies: Sites Reservoir, Sacramento River, Colusa Basin Drain, Funks Reservoir, Funks Creek, and Stone Corral Creek

The Sites Project Authority is proposing to develop the Sites Reservoir Project (Project), a 1.5 million acre-feet surface water reservoir that would divert water from the Sacramento River when excess water is available for diversion. The reservoir inundation area would be in rural, unincorporated areas of Glenn and Colusa counties. Other Project-related components, including the Red Bluff Pumping Plant and Glenn-Colusa Irrigation District Main Canal Pumping Plant, would be in Tehama, Glenn, Colusa, and Yolo counties. The Project would use existing infrastructure to divert water from the Sacramento River at Red Bluff and Hamilton City to the new Sites Reservoir located approximately 10 miles west of the community of Maxwell. New and existing facilities would transfer water into and out of the reservoir, with ultimate release back to the Sacramento River system via existing canals and a new pipeline located near the town of Dunnigan. Water released from Sites Reservoir would be used for irrigation, domestic consumption, and fish and wildlife.

The Project will require a Clean Water Act Section 404 permit from the United States Army Corps of Engineers and a Clean Water Act Section 401 water quality certification from the State Water Resources Control Board.

The Project is part of the Water Storage Investment Program (WSIP). Additional information on WSIP Projects can be found on the State Water Board’s WSIP Web page.

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