Northern Pike Eradication Program: Evaluation of Lake Davis Water Quality

In accordance with CDPH's statutory role of providing advice and consultation on matters pertinent to public health in the California Department of Fish and Wildlife''s Northern Pike Eradication Program for Lake Davis, CDPH's Drinking Water Program approved Lake Davis as a source of drinking water.

Existing law required CDPH to make a determination that the Northern Pike Eradication Program would not have a permanent adverse effect on Lake Davis water quality. In addition, CDPH, in cooperation with DFW, was responsible for conducting a monitoring program of Lake Davis water for the chemicals in the pesticide formulation used to eradicate northern pike from the lake. Lake Davis could not be approved as a source of drinking water until the monitoring program demonstrated that the lake water was free of all residues of chemicals in the pesticide formulation.

The results of the monitoring program indicate that all of the chemicals in the pesticide formulation have dissipated to below detectable levels

CDPH has advised all appropriate authorities that the chemicals have dissipated from the lake water and that Lake Davis can be used as a source of drinking water. See May 7, 2008 letter from CDPH (PDF)

DFW's Northern Pike and Lake Davis website is here