Mandatory Consolidation or Extension of Service for Disadvantaged Communities¹

Effective June 24, 2015, Senate Bill 88 (Statutes 2015, Chapter 27) added sections 116680-116684 to the California Health and Safety Code, allowing the State Water Board to require certain water systems that consistently fail to provide safe drinking water to consolidate with, or receive an extension of service from, another public water system. The consolidation can be physical or managerial. Although for many years the Drinking Water program has encouraged -- and will continue to encourage -- voluntary consolidations of public water systems, the new authority will allow it to mandate consolidation of water systems where appropriate. Please note that extension of service to domestic wells is authorized only when agreed to by the well owner. The changes to the Health and Safety Code give the Division of Drinking Water authority to mandate such consolidations or extension of service following a series of specific actions. The State Water Board’s Division of Drinking Water will issue letters to water systems to consolidate with, or seek an extension of service, from a public water system. The recipients of such letters have up to six months from the date the letter is issued to voluntarily consolidate with, or receive extension of service from, a public water system. As letters to public water systems are issued, they are made publicly available on this resource page. See the links to the letters below.

Frequently Asked Questions on Mandatory Consolidation or Extension of Service for Public Water Systems


Water Systems 6-Month Consolidation Letter Public Meeting Date² Public Hearing Date² Mandatory Consolidation Order Mandatory Consolidation Petition Resolved to Consolidate Voluntarily
East Orosi CSD 7/13/2018 10/22/2018        
Orosi Public Utility District
Desert Breeze Mobile Home Estates 4/6/2018 6/12/2018 9/5/2018      
Rosamond CSD
60th Street Assoc. Water System 12/15/2017 6/12/2018 9/5/2018      
First Mutual Water System
Lucky 18 on Rosamond, LLC
Rosamond Mobile Home Park
Rosamond School Water System
Rosamond CSD
MD#08 North Fork 11/16/2017        
North Fork Union School
Hillview Water Company 10/24/2017        
Yosemite High School
City of Ceres³ 8/23/2017 5/30/2018 10/1/2018    
Ceres West Mobile Home Park
South Kern Mutual Water Company 11/15/2016 7/10/2017 9/7/2017 9/27/2018 Petition
City of Bakersfield
Black Rascal Water Company 9/22/2016 12/8/2016   Note: Determined not to be DAC.  Mandatory consolidation ceased.  
City of Merced
Lakeside School 6/15/2016 2/16/2017 7/11/2017      
City of Bakersfield
Old River Mutual Water Company 6/15/2016 7/10/2017 9/7/2017 9/27/2018 Petition

City of Bakersfield
Madera County Maintenance District #19 Parkwood 6/15/2016        
City of Madera
Pratt Mutual Water Company 8/15/2015 3/3/2016 3/17/2016 3/29/2016    
City of Tulare
Soults Mutual Water Company4 8/18/2015 11/14/2017 11/28/2017    
City of Tulare


¹As defined in SB 88
²Meeting completed or scheduled
³Voluntary negotiation period extended due to City's 1,2,3-TCP violation.
4As an interim measure Soults MWC is purchasing water from the City of Tulare through a wholesale agreement.