Proposition 50: Information for Applications, with Resolution Templates

Certain project proponents, after review of preapplications and based on their ranking within the Project Priority Lists (PPLs) for Round 1 and Round 2 and the availability of funds, were invited to apply for funding under the CDPH's Proposition 50 program.

Invitations to project proponents to apply for Proposition 50 program grants, the applications, and instructions for submitting applications have been mailed. The invitations, applications and instructions are not available online. See invitees for Round 1 and Round 2.

This page includes additional information for application invitees click on the document title). In addition, two different resolutions are required during the process — templates for those resolutions are presented below.

The following pages are ONLY for applicants that have been requested by the Department to submit a revision to application costs for their particular funding chapter.

Labor Compliance Program Requirements

Labor Code section 1771.8 requires a labor compliance program for agencies (water systems) with construction projects that use Proposition 50 funds. For more information, go to the Department of Industrial Relations' (DIR's) Labor Compliance Program (LCP) website. There you will find various materials (Items 1-8), including applications for initial LCP approval ( Item 2).

In 2003, DIR released an LCP Guidebook (PDF) for Proposition 50 activities. The LCP Guidebook provides some background information that may be of assistance to application invitees. However, because the guidebook is dated it is important refer to materials on the LCP website.

Sample Resolutions for Proposition 50

CDPH requires submittal of two different resolutions during the funding process for Proposition 50 grants. Please consult with the CDPH< Proposition 50 staff before preparing a resolution to ensure you are using the most recent template. After you have prepared a draft resolution, submit the draft for review to CDPH Proposition 50 staff ( prior to scheduling it for adoption by your governing board.

  • The first resolution (Application Resolution) is required to be submitted with the application for funding. CDPH has prepared a template for the resolution (updated 05-22-06) that you can modify for your entity: Click here for the application resolution template (PDF).
  • The second resolution Agreement Resolution is required to be submitted prior to issuance of the Funding Agreement. The submittal of the Agreement Resolution is specified in the Letter of Commitment. CDPH has prepared a template for the resolution (updated 07-03-07) that you can modify for your entity: Click here for the agreement resolution template (PDF).

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