2018 Water Board Data Fair

An opportunity to explore and discuss the data and
 data systems of the California Water Boards


March 30, 2018
Klamath Training Room – 2nd Fl., CalEPA Building (1001 I Street, Sacramento)

View recording of web conferencing version of the day (note: recording starts the Groundwater Extraction Analysis and Reporting System presentation.)

Data System Open House – Several stations will be set up to interact with a variety of data systems and system stewards.
Click to go to Image H20 website will also be showcasing vendors that highlight topics on the day’s agenda.


Welcome for the Day – Executive Director Eileen Sobeck


Groundwater Database Showcase

Staff will present the functions of the three groundwater data systems that are used or will be used at the Water Board.

  • GeoTracker
  • GeoTracker GAMA
  • Groundwater Extraction Analysis and Reporting System (GEARS)


Lunch and Database Open House (continued)


NPDES Data Lifecycle Discussion

Introduction to the Afternoon Session - Board Member Joaquin Esquivel


Data Lifecycle Overview – The NPDES program relies on a data lifecycle to function, which is a system not unlike an ecosystem. This presentation will discuss the steps in that cycle and the many drivers and consumers of data in it, which in turn inform our management questions.


Moderated Panel Discussion – Stakeholders representing several different perspectives will discuss the data life cycle and factors that affect answers to specific management questions.


Wrap-Up and Next Steps