Tracking and Monitoring

How is it Working?


Water quality monitoring and tracking activities for the California Nonpoint Source Pollution Prevention Program are designed to contribute to information needed for planning and implementation at different scales. These activities are coordinated with other programs, including the State and Regional Water Boards' Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program. The activities encourage comprehensive, watershed-based, and cross-programmatic coordination.

Monitoring and assessment efforts supported by the California Nonpoint Source program provide the information necessary to better address nonpoint source issues. The following six questions define the overall mission for NPS monitoring:

  • What is the state of water quality in California?
  • What is the extent of impairments associated with nonpoint sources?
  • What are the nonpoint sources that are threatening water quality?
  • Is water quality getting better or worse?
  • Is the California Nonpoint Source program investing resources consistent with water quality problems?

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Questions or Comments about Tracking and Monitoring?

  • Please email Matthew Freese, NPS Tracking & Monitoring liaison, or phone 916-341-5485