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California Environmental Data Exchange Network (CEDEN)

CEDEN is a cooperative effort of various groups involved in the water and environmental resources of the State of California. It is a central location to find and share information about California’s surface waters, including streams, lakes, rivers, and the coastal ocean. Many groups in California monitor water quality, aquatic habitat, and wildlife health to ensure good stewardship of our ecological resources. CEDEN aggregates this data and makes it accessible to environmental managers and the public.

Data sources are diverse and include field, sediment and water column data collected from freshwater, estuarine, and marine environments. The data come from laboratory, physical, and biological analyses and include data types associated with chemical, toxicological, field, bioassessment, invertebrate, fish, and bacteriological assay assessments. The points in this feature class represent CEDEN water quality, toxicity, tissue, and benthic station locations.


The SWAMP Information Management and Quality Assurance Center (SWAMP IQ) is tasked with assisting ambient monitoring projects and programs throughout the state. We offer resources that support each stage of water quality monitoring, from sample collection to data entry, as well as providing quality assurance review, verification, and data storage. SWAMP IQ staff strives to promote question-driven monitoring, and to ensure the highest quality data is used to evaluate the health of California’s water bodies.

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Community Water Science Workshop

An impressive amount of water quality data in California is being collected by small water quality monitoring projects. Oftentimes these data represent waterbodies or sections of waterbodies that would otherwise be un-monitored and there would be no data available for them. The organizations conducting these projects are not only important watershed stakeholders but also valuable collaborators. This workshop is being held to assist these organizations by increasing their ability to collect and share data of known quality with the Water Boards and others.

Recorded as a concurrent session July 2, 2019 in Sacramento, CA at the 4th Annual Water Board Water Data Science Symposium. This Playlist contains videos featuring: best practices for community water science groups, quality assurance plans made easy, communicating and working with laboratories, getting data into CEDEN and why it matters, data science skills workshop, and an overview of water quality indices.

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California Water Quality Monitoring Council - Data Innovation and Utilization Workgroup

As they work to bring data together from disparate systems, conduct broad-based assessments, and deliver the resulting information to decision makers and the public via the My Water Quality portals, all the Monitoring Council's theme-specific workgroups and stakeholders encounter similar data issues. The Monitoring Council has determined that a Data innovation and Utilization Workgroup is needed to create protocols and guidance for utilizing data effectively across monitoring programs. The Data Innovation and Utilization Workgroup should be charged directly by the Monitoring Council and progress reviewed on at least an annual basis.

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