Expedited Claim Account Program (ECAP)

The Expedited Claim Account Program (ECAP) is a program established by SB 445 (Hill, 2014) with the objective to reduce the overall cost for site cleanup and the time to reach closure by increasing coordination with regulators, claimants and their consultants, and the UST Cleanup Fund (Fund). SB 445 moves funds for selected claims from the UST Cleanup Fund to the Expedited Claim Account (ECA) to reimburse eligible corrective action costs of claims in the program.  The ECAP process includes evaluating each site against the Low Threat UST Case Closure Policy and requires establishment of project milestones and cost estimates for multi-year funding plans through the Project Execution Plan (PEP). The Fund conducted a Pilot Project in 2016-2017 using the ECAP process and determined that the process was effective.  The report describing the Pilot Project is linked below.

ECAP is not an additional source of funding. The existing laws for eligibility and reimbursement cap for claims are unchanged. The ECAP will continue until the $100 million designated by SB 445 for the ECA is committed for reimbursement.

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