Petition Requesting Changes in Water Rights of The Department of Water Resources and U.S. Bureau of Reclamation for the California WaterFix Project Hearing

File Transfer Protocol Site Information

The State Water Board developed a secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) website where parties to the hearing should upload their exhibits and parties can download the exhibits submitted by other parties. Each party on the service list will be provided a party-specific account with a username and password before their exhibit submittal deadline. All parties to the hearing will also have access to a shared account on the FTP site, which will allow parties to view and download other parties' exhibits, but only after the exhibit submittal deadline. The shared account is accessible at fix download&p=waterfix123.

List of Exhibits

    PLEASE NOTE: The exhibits the State Water Board receives for the California WaterFix petition hearing are posted on this webpage as a courtesy to the parties for ease of reference. The following exhibits may or may not be accepted into the evidentiary hearing record.

  • Staff Exhibits - Please note that hearing team staff will not be providing or posting updates to staff exhibits SWRCB-1 through SWRCB-104. It is incumbent on the parties to determine if a particular document has been superseded or revised. (See “Staff Exhibits” on page 8 of the April 25, 2016 hearing officers’ ruling)
  • Exhibit Identification Index Form (.xls)
  • Party exhibits will be posted on this page as soon as practicable. It is the party's responsibility to ensure documents are accurately posted on this website.


Files are currently being added. Please check back for updates.

N/A State Water Resources Control Board SWRCB
1 California Department of Water Resources DWR
2 U. S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation DOI
3 State Water Contractors SWC
4 San Luis Delta-Mendota Water Authority SLDMWA
5 Westlands Water District WWD
7 Sacramento Valley Water Users SVWU, DB
7 American River Water Agencies (ARWA) Group (Sacramento County Water Agency, Sacramento Suburban Water District, San Juan Water District, and Cities of Roseville, Sacramento, and Folsom ARWA
7 Bartkiewicz, Kronick & Shanahan (BKS) – BKS Clients - City of Folsom, City of Roseville, San Juan Water District and Sacramento Suburban Water District BKS
7 Sacramento County Water Agency SCWA, ARWA
7 Sacramento Suburban Water District SSWD
7 San Juan Water District SJWD
7 Roseville, City of Roseville
7 Sacramento, City of CITYSAC
7 Folsom, The City of Folsom
7 Sacramento Valley Group SVG
7 Anderson-Cottonwood Irrigation District MLF
7 Butte Water District MLF
7 PMWC - Plumas Mutual Water Company MLF
7 RD1004 - Reclamation District 1004 MLF
7 Richvale Irrigation District MLF
7 Western Canal Water District MLF
7 Carmichael Water District CWD
7 Biggs-West Gridley Water District BWGWD, MLF, SVWU
7 Glenn-Colusa Irrigation District GCID
7 Placer County Water Agency PCWA, ARWA, SWVU
8 Tehama-Colusa Canal Authority & water service contractors in its service area TCCA
9 North Delta Water Agency & Member Districts NDWA
10 Delta Flood Control Group (Brannan-Andrus Levee Maintenance District; RD 407; RD 2067; RD 317; RD 551; RD 563; RD 150; RD 2098) DFCG
10 Brentwood, The City of Brentwood
11 Water Forum WF, ARWA
13 Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District SRCSD
14 County of Yolo YOLO
15 East Bay Municipal Utility District EBMUD
16 Friant Water Authority and Participating Members Exhibits Withdrawn
16 South Valley Water Association Exhibits Withdrawn
17 San Joaquin River Exchange Contractors Water Authority SJRECWA
18 San Joaquin Tributaries Authority, Merced Irrigation District, Modesto Irrigation District, Oakdale Irrigation District, South San Joaquin Irrigation District, Turlock Irrigation District, and City and County of San Francisco SJTA
19 Islands, Inc. II
19 & 20 Local Agencies of the North Delta, Bogle Vineyards/DWLC, Diablo Vineyards/DWLC, Stillwater Orchards/DWLC, Islands, Inc., San Joaquin county, San Joaquin County Flood Control and Water Conservation District, Mokelumne River Water and Power Authority, and Daniel Wilson LAND
21 Central Delta Water Agency, South Delta Water Agency ("Delta Agencies"), Lafayette Ranch, Heritage Lands Inc., Mark Bachetti Farms and Rudy Mussi Investments L.P. SDWA
22 Stockton, City of STKN
24 County of San Joaquin, San Joaquin County Flood Control and Water Conservation District, and Mokelumne River Water and Power Authority COSJ, SJC
24 North San Joaquin Water Conservation District NSJ
25 Contra Costa County and Contra Costa County Water Agency CCC, CCC-SC
25 County of Solano SC, CCC-SC
27 Antioch, City of Antioch
30 Save the California Delta Alliance, et al SCDA
31 California Sportfishing Protection Alliance, California Water Impact Network, and AquAlliance CSPA, CWIN, AQUA
32 Restore the Delta RTD
33 Friends of the River and Sierra Club California FOR
33 Planning and Conservation League PCL
34 Environmental Justice Coalition for Water EJCW
35 Natural Resources Defense Council, Defenders of Wildlife, The Bay Institute NRDC TBI DOW
37 Deirdre Des Jardins DDJ
38 Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermans Associations and Institute for Fisheries Resources PCFFA, IFR
39 North Delta CARES/Barbara Daly NDC
40 Patrick Porgans Porgans
41 Snug Harbor Resorts, LLC SHR
43 Clifton Court, L.P. CCLP
44 Grassland Water District GWD
45 County of Sacramento SACO, COSAC
46 Environmental Council of Sacramento ECOS
47 Friends of Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge FSL
48 Save our Sandhill Cranes SOSC

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