Petition Requesting Changes in Water Rights of The Department of Water Resources and U.S. Bureau of Reclamation for the California WaterFix Project Hearing

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Part 1 - Friends of Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge

Exhibit No. Exhibit Description Date Accepted into Evidence* or Withdrawn


Part 1 - Rebuttal

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Part 1 - Sur-Rebuttal

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Part 2

Exhibit No. Exhibit Description Date Accepted into Evidence* or Withdrawn
FSL-1 Testimony of Scott Finley  
FSL-2 PowerPoint Presentation of Scott Finley April 10, 2018
FSL-3 Testimony of Robert Burness April 10, 2018
FSL-6 U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge. 2007. Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge Comprehensive Conservation Plan.  (Excerpt) April 10, 2018
FSL-7 National Wildlife Refuge Association. 2005. State of the System - 2005 Focus: Beyond the Boundaries. (Excerpt) April 10, 2018
FSL-21 Testimony of Gary Ivey, Ph.D.  
FSL-21-errata Testimony of Gary Ivey, Ph.D. - Errata April 10, 2018
FSL-22 Statement of Qualifications for Gary Ivey, Ph.D. April 10, 2018
FSL-23 PowerPoint Presentation of Gary Ivey, Ph.D. April 10, 2018
FSL-28 California Fish and Game Code 3511 April 10, 2018
FSL-29 2013 BDCP Appendix 5J Effects on Natural Communities, Wildlife, and Plants April 10, 2018
FSL-30 2013 BDCP, Appendix 5J, Att. 5JC, Table 2 April 10, 2018
FSL-31 Case, D. J., and S. J. Sanders (editors). 2009. Priority Information Needs for Sandhill Cranes: A Funding Strategy. Developed by the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies’ Migratory Shore and Upland Game Bird Support Task Force. April 10, 2018
FSL-32 Central Valley Joint Venture, 2006. Central Valley Joint Venture Implementation Plan – Conserving Bird Habitat. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Sacramento, CA, USA. April 10, 2018
FSL-33 FEIR/S Figure 3-25 April 10, 2018
FSL-34 Shuford, W. D. and T. Gardali (editors). 2008. California Bird Species of Special Concern: A Ranked Assessment of Species, Subspecies, and Distinct Populations of Birds of Immediate Conservation Concern in California. Studies of Western Birds No 1. Western Field Ornithologists, Camarillo, California, and California Department of Fish and Game, Sacramento, CA. April 10, 2018
FSL-35 Staten Island Crane Flock Locations (Map) April 10, 2018
FSL-36 Greater Sandhill Crane Habitat Model and Recorded Occurrences Figure 2A.19-2 April 10, 2018
FSL-37 Figure 2. Collision index risk map April 10, 2018
FSL-38 Walkinshaw, L. H. 1949. The sandhill cranes. Cranbrook Institute of Science Bull. 29, Bloomfield Hills, MI. April 10, 2018


Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program for BDCP/CA WaterFix, Chapter 5, p. 5-1 (EC 3) (SWRCB-111 excerpt) April 10, 2018
FSL-41 Incidental Take Permit, Department of Fish and Wildlife, Attachment 3A (Habitat Management Land Acquisition Package Checklist for Project Applicants) and Attachment 3B (Proposed Lands for Acquisition Form) (SWRCB-107 excerpt) April 10, 2018
FSL-42 Excerpt from ITP (SWRCB-107)  
FSL-43 FEIR/S Figure 3-25, Proposed Locations of Electrical Transmission Lines (SWRCB-102) April 10, 2018
FSL-45 Incidental Take Permit, p. 88 (Covered Species Subject to Take Authorization Provided by this ITP) June 18, 2018
FSL-47 Final Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program for the California WaterFix, July 2017, Section 4.13, Avoidance and Mitigation Measure 20: Greater Sandhill Crane, pp. 4-32 through 4-40 April 10, 2018
FSL-48 Pictures of existing powerlines and bird diverters on Lambert and Staten Island April 10, 2018
FSL-50 January 2010 report prepared by Larry Walker Associates: A Review of Delta Fish Population Losses from Pumping Operations in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta June 18, 2018
FSL-51 March 8, 2011 Statement of Contra Costa Water District Gregory Gartrell, Assistant General Manager, before the Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee June 18, 2018
FSL-52 November 30, 2009 Conceptual Engineering Report Through-Delta Facility Conveyance Option.  Prepared by California Department of Water Resources. June 18, 2018
FSL-53 Klimley, Peter A., T. V. Agosta, A. J. Ammann, R. D. Battleson, M. D. Pagel and M. J. Thomas. 2017. Real time nodes permit adaptive management of endangered species of fishes. Animal Biotelemetry 5:22. June 18, 2018


Part 2 - Rebuttal

Exhibit No. Exhibit Description Date Accepted into Evidence* or Withdrawn
FSL-54 SWRCB-102, FEIR/S, p. 12-148 September 18, 2018
FSL-55 Noise Sources and Their Effects September 18, 2018
FLS-56 Aviation Bird Scares by Reed-Joseph International Company September 18, 2018
FSL-60 Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act Program July 27, 2018 Letter to Andrew Wheeler, Administrator for U.S. Environmental Protection Agency September 18, 2018
FSL-61 Ecosystem Restoration Program, Convervation Strategy for Restoration of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, Sacramento Valley and San Joaquin Valley Regions (May 2014) September 18, 2018


Part 2 - Sur-Rebuttal

Exhibit No. Exhibit Description Date Accepted into Evidence* or Withdrawn

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