Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay-Delta Estuary Decision 1641 Compliance

The Water Quality Control Plan for the San Francisco Bay/Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Estuary (Bay-Delta Plan) establishes: (1) beneficial uses to be protected; (2) water quality objectives for the reasonable protection of beneficial uses; and (3) a program of implementation for achieving the water quality objectives. The beneficial uses to be protected include fish and wildlife, agricultural, municipal and industrial uses. The Bay-Delta Plan is not self-implementing: in State Water Board Revised Decision 1641, the State Water Board amended the water right license and permits for the State Water Project and Central Valley Project (collectively the Projects) to require the Projects to meet certain objectives in the Bay-Delta Plan. Specifically, Decision 1641 places responsibility on the Department of Water Resources and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation for measures to ensure that specified water quality objectives are met. The flow, water quality, and monitoring requirements established by the State Water Board are summarized in Decision 1641, Tables 1-5 as follows:

  • Table 1 (Water Quality Objectives for Municipal and Industrial Beneficial Uses),
  • Table 2 (Water Quality Objectives for Agricultural Beneficial Uses),
  • Table 3 (Water Quality Objectives for Fish and Wildlife Beneficial Uses).
  • Table 4 (Chipps Island and Port Chicago Maximum Daily Average Electrical Conductivity), and
  • Table 5 (Water Quality Compliance and Baseline Monitoring)
  • Footnotes to Table 3 refer to definitions and other requirements contained in Figure 1 (Sacramento Valley Water Year Hydrologic Classification), Figure 2 (San Joaquin Valley Water Year Hydrologic Classification), and Figure 3 (Formulas for NDOI and Percent Inflow Diverted).

Southern Delta Salinity Compliance Orders


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