Groundwater Recordation Program

The Groundwater Recordation Program began in the 1950s (Water Code, section 4999, et. seq.) and applies only to Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura Counties. This reporting program requires those persons with wells with aggregate extractions of more than 25 acre-feet (or 10 acre-feet or more from a single source) to file a report of their extraction, known as a “Notice of Extraction and Diversion of Water” or “Notice.” Groundwater extractors can now report their annual use to the designated local agencies identified above, or with the State.

Local Agency Delegation Process

In April 2006, the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) delegated authority to the Division of Water Rights (Division) to designate local agencies the oversight of the Groundwater Recordation Program. If a groundwater extractor is located within the jurisdictional boundaries of an agency as identified below, the groundwater extractor will be responsible for sending in their annual notices and any accompanying fees to the respective local agency. Each local agency will establish whether to require an annual fee and the amount of that fee. To date, the Division has delegated oversight of the Groundwater Recordation Program to the following local agencies:

Note: San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District, San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency and Western Municipal Water District are working as a cooperative; United Water Conservation District and Fox Canyon Groundwater Management Agency are working as a cooperative.

Reporting Process

Beginning in 2006, the Division mailed out Annual Notice forms only to those groundwater extractors that are outside the jurisdictional boundaries of the local agencies, but are within the four southern California counties. The reporting period corresponds to the previous calendar year in which the Annual Notice form is mailed. Completed Notice forms must be submitted back to the Division by June 30. This cycle is repeated each year for reporting annual groundwater use.

Related Fees

Each Annual Notice submitted to the Division must be accompanied by the Groundwater Recordation Fee adopted by the State Water Board each fiscal year. For information on the Groundwater Recordation Fee for the present fiscal year and any other fee related information visit the State Water Boards, Water Rights Fee web page.

Groundwater Extraction and Diversion Forms

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