Hearings Program: Administrative Civil Liability for Failure to File an Annual Water Use Report for 2016 & 2017 – Richard Jennings and MJM Partnership

Administrative Civil Liability Complaint against Richard Jennings and MJM Partnership for Failure to File Annual Water Use Reports and Statements of Water Diversion for 2016 & 2017 under Licenses 284, 53, 3101(Applications A000135, A000486, A010835), and Statements S014780, S014781, S014782, S014783, S014784, S014785, S014786, S014787, S014788, S014789, S014790, S014791, S014792, S014793, S018642, S023091, S023092. (click links to find more details about Water Right IDs).

List of Exhibits – Richard Jennings

List of Exhibits – M.J.M. Partnership