Reservoir License Terms - 40 through 59

Index to Reservoir License Terms - Terms 40 thru 59

No. Description
40 Limited Storage - NonConsumptive Uses (except stockwatering use term 41)
40PL Deleted (Limited Storage - NonConsumptive Use - Multiple Reservoirs) See term 40
41 Limited Storage - Stockwatering
41PL Deleted (Limited Storage - Stockwatering - Multiple Reservoirs) See term 41
42 Reduction in Storage - Reservoirs Greater than 10 AF
43A Outlet Pipe - Reservoir Constructed without Outlet Pipes (Critical Area)
43APL Deleted (Outlet Pipes - Multiple Reservoirs Constructed without Outlet Pipes Critical Area) See Term 43A
43B Reservoir Constructed with Outlet Pipe (Critical Area)
43BPL Deleted (Multiple Reservoirs Constructed with Outlet Pipe Critical Areas) See Term 43B
44A Outlet Pipe - Reservoir Constructed w/o Outlet Pipe (Noncritical Areas Only)
44APL Deleted Outlet Pipe -Multiple Reservoirs Constructed w/o Outlet Pipe Noncritical Areas Only) See Term 44A
44B Outlet Pipe New Version - Reservoir Constructed w/o Outlet Pipe (Noncritical Areas Only)
44BPL Outlet Pipe New Version - Multiple Reservoirs Constructed w/o Outlet Pipe (Noncritical Areas Only) See Term 44B
45 Public Access
46 Measuring Devices - Offstream Storage
47 Staff Gage
48 Dam Supervision (not carried over into license)
49 Dam Supervision - Over 500 AF (not carried over into license)
50 Reservoir Clearance (not carried over into license)
51 Reservoir Release Requirements
52-59 Reserved


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