Minor Changes to Water Rights


Welcome to the State Water Board's Minor Change Request webpage. Parties can request to modify their water right applications, permits, or licenses under the minor change process if they meet certain criteria provided by Water Code section 1700.4 and 1700.6. The applicability of minor change requests are much more limited than a Petition for Change, however the process is significantly more streamlined. Under minor change requests, you are only able to change the following:

  • Point of Diversion
  • Place of Use
  • Purpose of Use

These Minor Change Requests CANNOT be used for changing anything else, including but not limited to the following:

  • Increasing Amount or Rate
  • Increasing Season of Diversion
  • Time Extensions

Minor Changes can be requested by the Right Holder, an Agent or Consultant acting for the Right Holder, or the State Water Board.

  Please visit the Petitions for Change page to review other available processes for making modifications to water rights.


This section contains links to important developments that have an impact on the Minor Changes. Please check this section periodically for the latest information. This section will also call attention to recently posted notices.

  Minor Change Notices and Orders

Below you will find a table containing the Minor Change Notices and Orders.

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Application ID Change Type Notice
Comment Deadline
Marshall Ranch LLC A033073 Multiple Notice
2021/10/27 Order
Chris Preiksaitis Change POU Notice
The Sea Ranch Water Company A029466 Change POU Notice
Lakeside Park Association A022640 Change POU Notice
Palomino Lakes Mutual Water Co, Inc. A024890 Change POD Notice
Arcadia Vineyards LLC A024456A Change POU Notice
North Marin Water District A013965B Change POD Notice

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