Water Availability Information

Why Water Availability Analysis?

A Water Availability Analysis is required by the California Water Code.  Pertinent provisions of the Water Code are summarized below:

  • Every water right application submitted to the SWRCB must include "sufficient information to demonstrate a reasonable likelihood that unappropriated water is available for appropriation." (Water Code section 1260(k))

  • "...In determining the amount of water availability for appropriation, the SWRCB shall take into account, whenever it is in the public interest, the amounts of water needed to remain in the source for protection of beneficial uses..." Instream beneficial uses include, but are not limited to, recreation and the preservation of fish and wildlife habitat. (Water Code section 1243)

  • Before the SWRCB can grant a water right permit, it must find that there is "unappropriated water available to supply the applicant." (Water Code section 1375(d))

How to Prepare a Water Availability Analysis

Hydrologic Information Online

2002 Water Availability Peer Review

  • Presentation: Methods to Estimate Streamflow and Water Availability
  • USGS Study (2001-2003)
    As a follow up to the June 2001 MBK study, the U.S. Geological Survey is evaluating SWRCB's Flow Estimation methods in the North Coast Region. Study results will be published in an Open File Report scheduled for completion in July 2003.
  • Streamflow Workshop (May 2002)
  • MBK Report (July 2001)
    In June 2001, MBK Engineers completed an evaluation of the SWRCB's Water Availability Analysis.

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