Water Rights Ownership and Contact Information Updates


Water Right holders and diverters are responsible for notifying the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) of changes to ownership, diverter, or contact information related to their water rights. You may in violation of the California Code of Regulations and subject to liabilities of up to five hundred dollars ($500) per day if these forms are not submitted within 30 days of a change.

This page provides information about how to submit a change request update, what to expect during the process, and what your rights and responsibilities are as a water right owner or diverter.

  Contact Information – Water Rights Change Requests

Please contact the Division of Water Rights if you have any questions about the ownership and contact information change request process.

Phone: (916) 341-5431

Email: changerequest@waterboards.ca.gov

Submitting a Change Request

When to Submit a Request for Update of Ownership, Diverter or Contact Information

Ownership Changes and Contact Information Updates: Within 30 days Water Right holders must notify the State Water Board when a property with a water right is transferred or sold to a new owner (Title 23, Sections 831 and 915(a), CCR).

Diverter Changes: Any party required to file a Statement of Water Diversion and Use shall notify the State Water Board of diverter name or contact information changes within 30 days (Title 23, Sections 915(c) and 920(c), CCR).

How to Submit a Request for Update of Ownership or Contact Information

The following forms are available to use when updating ownership, diverter or contact information.

Revoking Your Water Right

If you no longer need or use a water right that you own, you may request revocation of your water right. Visit the Water Rights Revocation Information page for additional information.

Change Request Process

The State Water Board’s processing of a change in ownership is an administrative procedure and does not constitute a technical review of the diversion or beneficial use(s) of water under the right. If you need assistance in determining your ownership rights on a property, we recommend that you contact a water rights consultant or attorney.

What happens once I submit my change request?

Change requests are generally processed in the order received. If you submitted a change request and it has been longer than eight weeks since your request was submitted, send an email to changerequest@waterboards.ca.gov for a status update.

How will I be notified that my change request has been completed?

The Division of Water Rights will mail correspondence to new owners or diverters. If you would like to inquire about the status of an ownership, diverter or contact information change, please use one of the following methods:

  • Email changerequest@waterboards.ca.gov for change request status updates or questions.
  • View the eWRIMS database, which contains public information about Water Rights including current and historical ownership information
  • Call the Division of Water Rights at 916-341-5431 to check the status of an ownership change.

Rights and Responsibilities

Water Rights holders with permits, licenses and/or registrations are responsible for knowing the terms and conditions of their water right. A copy of your license, permit, registration or certificate can be obtained online though the electronic water rights information management system (eWRIMS) database. If you have a Statement of Water Diversion and Use or a Groundwater Recordation on file, review the respective program pages for more information.

Annual Water Diversion and Use Reporting

All water right holders are required to electronically submit an Annual Report of Water Diversion and Use. Reports must be completed online through the Report Management System (RMS); paper reports are not available. Reports for the previous water year (October 1 – September 30) are due the following year no later than February 1 for all water right types.

Annual Water Right Fees

If you are the owner of an appropriative water right or registration, your water right is subject to an annual fee which is assessed each year on November 15. For more information about Water Right Fees, including stakeholder meeting dates and fee schedules, see the Water Rights Fee page for more information.