Residential Water Treatment Devices

Information for Manufacturers

As of February 5, 2024, the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) is transitioning to a new electronic submittal portal to receive and process residential water treatment devices registration.

If you have a new residential water treatment device registration, DO NOT submit application by e-mail and DO NOT make any pre-payment.

Contact for an updated registration instruction. Refer to the "Requirements for New Registration" for a list of information you will need to register your residential water treatment device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Renewals for Calendar Year 2024

The registration renewal for calendar year 2024 is now closed. SWRCB staff is working on processing the applications. Device models that were requested to be dropped in the 2024 renewal AND device models that failed to submit the 2024 renewal payment will be removed from the online listing (Registered Water Treatment Devices). The updated list will be posted on March 15, 2024.

Requirements for New Registration

As of February 5, 2024, SWRCB is transitioning to a new electronic submittal portal to receive and process residential water treatment devices registration. Manufacturers will no longer need to pre-pay their registration fees ahead of application review. Please contact to obtain an updated instruction to register your residential water treatment device using the new registration portal.

To assist you in submitting your application for residential water treatment devices registration, please have the following information ready:

  • Information contained in the Application for Registration (FOR REFERENCE ONLY).
  • A direct website link to, or an electronic copy (in PDF) of, the Certificate issued by the ANSI-accredited certifying organization/laboratory.
  • A direct website link to, or an electronic copy (in PDF) of, the Performance Data Sheet (PDS) including following info:
    • The name, address, and telephone number, and Internet Web site address, if any, of the manufacturer. This is meant to be contact information for the consumer.
    • The name, address, telephone number of a designated contact person for the manufacturer.
    • The name and model number of the water treatment device, and any other product identification, used by the manufacturer to describe the water treatment device or treatment component.
    • Each specific contaminant claimed to be removed or reduced by the device.
    • The name of organization that meets the accreditation standards of the American National Standards Institute and that has certified the device to verify its removal or reduction performance for that from the testing laboratory giving the date of the test, a summary of the results, and the date, if any, by which the device must be retested for verification of the removal or reduction performance to remain effective.
    • The service flow rate in gallons per minute or gallons per day or the production rate in gallons per day.
    • The rated service life of the water treatment device, if applicable.
    • The general use conditions and needs of the device, including, but not limited to, its maximum turbidity and the bacteriological quality of source water. Disclaimers on source water limitations, other disclaimers on specific contaminants such as Arsenic as appropriate.
    • The model or part number of components that must be periodically or routinely replaced to maintain the effectiveness of the device.
    • The maximum and minimum operating temperature of the device in degrees Fahrenheit and degrees Centigrade.
    • The maximum and minimum operating pressure of the device in pounds per square inch and kilograms per square centimeter.
    • The reference to the device's owners' manual for general operation and maintenance requirements and the manufacturer's warranty. May also include a link to the manual, if posted online.

If the Performance Data Sheet (PDS) is embedded in the product manual, we require a 'stand-alone' version of the PDS which would typically be one to three pages in length. We will NOT post the entire product manual. If PDS does not include all the required information, please submit supplementary product worksheet to provide complete information.


  • In addition to these requirements, SWRCB staff will review these documents to ensure that they are free from excessively small font sizes and that important use conditions are clearly stated. We expect that the Certification organization will ensure that the Performance Data Sheets and other product literature are appropriately sized for consumer use as part of their Certification process. As additional information, please note that Federal Guidelines stipulate that consumer product literature be not less than 1/16th of an inch in height.
  • Regarding NSF Protocol P231 (microbiological purifiers), we will accept applications for registration of models that are certified by an ANSI-accredited certification organization under NSF Protocol P231. Such applications are required to include a copy of the product-specific test plan that was utilized in testing the model under P231.)
  • Regarding "Fits" Claims, under the current registration program, we do not have a standard policy on such statements. This issue should be discussed with your certifying organization. As always, any claim to reduce a health-related contaminant requires certification and that the product be registered in California.

Information on Product Labeling Requirements

Effective July 1, 2015 California law pertaining to water treatment devices includes two new requirements for product labeling and packaging.

Additional information on these requirements is below:

  • A permanent label in lieu of the decal is acceptable. The label may be placed onto the product by the manufacturer or included so that it may be placed by the consumer. The label must be of a placement and font size/color such that it is legible to the consumer (i.e., font should not be excessively small).
  • Include information within the owner's manual alerting the consumer to the need for proper maintenance and operation. The addition of this language to the product manual may be made during the next product recertification cycle. Manufacturers may choose the exact wording for this notice. The language should include the following verbiage or equivalent from the statute: "If this device is not maintained and operated as specified in the owner's manual, there is a risk of exposure to contaminants".
  • For some products with very little surface area, the manufacturer may be concerned that the decal will be too small to be legible. In that case, the manufacturer may choose an alternative means of meeting the intent of this requirement. Options may include a hang tag, including the statement on the cartridge, or allowing the customer to affix the label to the wall, refrigerator or other surface that the consumer may select.
  • The label / decal must include the basic language specified in the statute but refer to the website of the State Water Resources Control Board as follows:
    Please refer to the owner’s manual for proper maintenance and operation. If this device is not maintained and operated as specified in the owner’s manual, there is a risk of exposure to contaminants. For more information, visit the manufacturer’s Internet Web site at Manufacturer’s Internet Web Site or the California State Water Resources Control Board’s Internet Web site at

California Residential Water Treatment Devices Registration Program is to register only devices which are designed for treating residential drinking water.

Devices certified only for the material/structural integrity including lead content in the drinking water system’s components are not considered eligible for our registration program pursuant to Health and Safety Code section 116825 and 116832.

For devices certified only for aesthetic effects, such as chlorine, taste, and odor reduction (without any primary contaminant reduction claim(s)) California registration is optional. The manufacturer may choose to apply for California registration for such devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information about residential water treatment devices, please contact us at:

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