Drought Funding

The State Water Board has funding available for projects that address either drought-related urgent drinking water needs or long-term resilience. We aim to develop relationships and collaborate with public agencies (including Regional Boards), tribal governments, water systems, and non-profit organizations to assist with long- and short-term drinking water projects. These entities are all eligible to apply for funding.

We do not directly fund individual households. If you are an individual looking for immediate assistance, go to the drinking water assistance page.

How to Apply

Project Examples

Short-term solutions (mostly emergency repairs and drinking water delivery)

  • Bottled water delivery
  • Hauled water delivery (tanks)
  • Well repairs
  • Emergency interties
  • Well rehabilitation or replacement

Long-term solutions

  • Designing and installation of new wells
  • Extension of service
  • Extension of service
  • Regional consolidation
  • Treatment systems
  • General construction category

Funding can also be utilized to cover expenses related to:

  • Rented, borrowed or purchased equipment
  • Design, installation and initial startup costs

Organizations and entities interested in funding drinking water programs for schools may apply directly through technical assistance providers. Find more information here.

Map of Funded Projects