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What is Water Informatics?

Water Informatics is an interdisciplinary science focused on the collection, storage, analysis, and communication of water data and information.

About the CoWI

The College of Water Informatics (CoWI) was launched in 2021 to serve as a vehicle through which data literacy training and resources are delivered throughout the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) and Regional Water Quality Control Boards (Regional Board and collectively, the Water Boards), as described in the Water Boards Data Literacy Strategy.

The CoWI will serve as a central hub for all things related to water data literacy at the Water Boards, including:

Our Vision

The Water Boards workforce has achieved data fluency and is aware of and fully utilize the training and educational resources at their disposal. Our training and data literacy resource delivery systems are accessible, flexible, and useful to the Water Boards workforce so that individuals are empowered to effectively do their work and support the Water Boards’ mission.

Our Mission

The mission of the CoWI is to strategically invest in Water Boards workforce’s knowledge, skills and abilities to effectively collect, govern, utilize, and share data.

Our Goals

Ensure data training and literacy resources are accessible, flexible, and useful to the Water Boards workforce.

Enhance the value, quality, and accessibility of Water Boards data literacy training and resources through strategic activities and coordination.

Encourage and support the much-needed cultural change that is currently underway – to making the Water Boards a more data driven organization.

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