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Regardless of how you interact with data, we know how important it is to have access to resources to enable self-directed learning so individuals can learn new data concepts and skills at their own pace. This Data Tool Kit (Tool Kit) is a collection of resources for all Water Boards staff and partners on all things data. Readers at any stage of their data journey will be able to utilize different aspects of this Tool Kit, depending on their needs. Each Handbook provided below will begin with a general explanation of the concepts that will be covered in the Handbook and, as appropriate, will be followed by more detailed guidance on how to apply the concepts to real situations.

This Tool Kit was developed to begin to address data literacy related needs identified in the Water Boards Strategic Data Action Plan, Data Literacy Strategy, and the results of the 2019 Water Boards Data Use and Skills Survey. This Tool Kit is a living resource that will be revised and adapted as the Water Boards data sets, available tools, and related programmatic needs evolve.

If you are interested in volunteering to provide support to Water Boards staff in one of the areas listed below, please let us know by filling out this Data Science Support Offers Survey! When support is requested by Water Boards staff or teams that matches your offer, we will connect you with the individual or team that could use your support.

If you have suggestions for improvement or regarding what should be included in future updates, please let us know by taking our Water Board Data Tool Kit Feedback Survey.

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