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SWAMP Data Management

Data management is a vital component of ambient monitoring that incorporates quality assurance (QA) measures, such as uniform business rules and data review. These strategies ensure the usability of the data generated for a project.

Data Templates

Business Rules

Standardized formatting promotes consistency and prevents the misinterpretation of data. "Business rules" establish a uniform method of data entry that enables both project staff and end users to easily understand test results. Business rules for each data type are outlined in the Data Template Guides:

Lookup Lists

SWAMP Lookup Lists contain the titles, values, and codes used in data templates that comply with SWAMP’s business rules (also referred to as "controlled vocabulary" or "reference values"). New lookup values can be added to the SWAMP Database by submitting a completed SWAMP Master Lookup Value Request Form to the appropriate SWAMP IQ Liaison or the OIMA Helpdesk at: OIMA-Helpdesk@waterboards.ca.gov.

Data Submittal

The SWAMP Online Data Checker is provided to check SWAMP data templates for appropriate formatting, lookup list values, and SWAMP business rules before submitting the data to SWAMP IQ staff through the Online Data Checker itself. Questions about data submissions can be sent to the OIMA Helpdesk.

Data Review

Data should be reviewed by all applicable project staff, beginning with the field crew and laboratory data managers, and ending with the project managers and QA officers. This primary verification process ensures that sample collection details, such as the date, time, and location of the event are recorded in the proper format. Data reviewers also confirm that test conditions, such as pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen levels, and control performance are acceptable for a given method, and that all appropriate business rules have been followed. SWAMP IQ staff perform secondary verification of the data, checking whether SWAMP MQOs were achieved, ensuring all data are qualified (flagged) appropriately, and that the data conform to all formatting and business rules before loading the data to the SWAMP Database.

Data Storage and Public Access

SWAMP data that have been verified by SWAMP IQ staff are loaded to the SWAMP database. All data in the SWAMP database transfer to CEDEN, where they are accessible to the public.

Water Boards Data and Databases

The State and Regional Water Quality Control Boards direct and collect vast amounts of data and information on the state’s water quality, quantity, and uses, as well as the agencies’ business operations. Information about these data libraries and the various databases that store them can be accessed on the Water Boards Data and Databases web page.