UST Program - LG 113 - Vendors G - M

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Gasboy International (originally listed as William M. Wilson's Sons)

Gems Sensors, Inc., and Acquisitions (originally listed as IMO Industries, Inc.)

Warrick Controls, Inc. Products

Gilbarco Environmental Products (see Veeder-Root)


HansaConsult Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

Hansa Consult of North America, LLC

Hasstech (see OPW/Petro Vend or Training and Services Corp. for other Hasstech products)

Heath Consultants, Inc. (See Purpora Engineering)

Hectronic GmbH

HNU Systems, Inc. (see PID Analyzers, LLC )

Horner EZY CHEK (see Estabrook EZY CHEK Systems)

Horner Products, Inc.

HT Technologies, Inc.


Ibex Industries

IMO Industries, Inc. (see Gems Sensors, Inc.)

INCON Intelligent Controls, Inc. (see Franklin Fueling Systems and Acquisitions)

   J - No Listings


Keekor Environmental Products


L & J Engineering, Inc.

Leak Detection Systems, Inc.

Leak Detection Technologies (originally listed as Leak Detection Technologies International)

Leighton O’Brien Pty. Ltd.

Linde Services, Inc. (formerly Praxair Services, Inc. and Tracer Research Corp.)


MagneTek (see Patriot Sensors and Controls Corp.)

Mallory Controls

Marconi Commerce Systems (see Veeder-Root)

Marley Pump Co. / Red Jacket (see Veeder-Root)

Mass Technology Corp.

MassTech International, Ltd.

Mesa Engineering

Mine Safety Appliances

Morrison Bros. Co.


Franklin Fueling Systems
3760 Marsh Road
Madison, WI  53718
Tel: (800) 225-9787

Ken Wilcox Associates
Tel: (816) 443-2494
Dates of Evaluation:
10/05/2017 (20,000 gallons)
10/06/2017 (30,000 gallons)