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Standard Operating Procedures

Methods for Conducting Bioassessments in Freshwater Streams and Rivers

Combined Benthic Macroinvertebrates and Algae

Benthic Macroinvertebrates


  • algae Bioassessment Field Data Sheets with Algae for the SWAMP v2.5 database are available. (updated March 2016)
    • Note: In May 2010, SWAMP updated the document about the procedure for sampling stream algae assemblages for ambient bioassessment. There are three main updates to this document: (1) The labels for biomass and taxonomic identification have been updated to include additional information (page 20, figure 6); (2) If presence/absence of a microalgal layer cannot be determined with certainty, the scoring of microalgal thickness is now "UD" (page 39) instead of "Z"; and (3) the bioassessment field data sheets with algae are no longer included in the document. Please download the most recent version of the datasheets.
    • Note: The SWAMP Conversion and Data Reporting for Benthic Chlorophyll a, Pheophytin and AFDM_Algae (updated 01/26/12) document is now available.

Methods for Conducting Bioassessments in Freshwater Wetlands


Training, Auditing, and Collection Permits

  • SWAMP offers training opportunities in bioassessment through the CDFW and Water Boards Training Academy. More information about available courses, calibration exercises, and field audits is available on the Training webpage.