Office of Enforcement


The Office of Enforcement was created in 2006 to emphasize enforcement as a key component of the Water Board's water quality regulatory functions and statutory responsibilities.

Our role is to ensure that violations of orders and permits result in firm, fair, and consistent enforcement through direct actions, the development of policies and guidance, and the identification of metrics for decision-making on enforcement issues.

We are comprised of legal and investigative staff. The attorneys assist technical staff in the State Water Board and Regional Water Boards in bringing administrative liability actions before the Water Boards and help prepare cases for referral to outside prosecutors. The investigative staff is divided into four units; the Special Investigation Unit (SIU); the Underground Storage Tanks (UST) Enforcement Unit; the Cannabis Enforcement Unit; and the Fraud, Waste and Abuse Prevention Unit (FWA).

  New! 2023 Proposed Water Quality Enforcement Policy.

  Visit The Office of Enforcement Director Yvonne West's page.

  Report Fraud

If you think someone is committing fraud, misusing UST Cleanup Fund monies, or intentionally misrepresenting data, it is important to let us know. All allegations of potential fraud are taken seriously, and you can remain anonymous.

Office of Enforcement Programs

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