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MS4 Phase II - Permittee Guidance and Resources

Application Requirements

Program Management

Education and Outreach

  • EPA provides Getting in Step: Outreach Series, a great place to get started and learn how to develop effective outreach. The series includes EPA's flagship publication, Getting in Step: A Guide for Conducting Watershed Outreach Campaigns, which presents the outreach development process as a logical, easy-to-apply sequence of steps. Information is also provided on related resources, including a free video companion guide and training workshop opportunities.
  • Ocean Friendly Landscaping and Bay Friendly Landscaping provide helpful information regarding storm-water friendly landscaping for coastal communities.
  • Our Water Our World was developed to assist consumers in managing home and garden pests in a way that helps protect water quality.
  • Splash, California Regional Environmental Education Community and CA Environmental Education Interagency Network are environmental education organizations that are available to Permittees to help provide storm water educational materials to school age children.
  • Be River Friendly provides information and guidance on minimizing water quality impacts from car washes. Car wash education is important to ensure pollutants from car wash runoff such as grime, soap and motor oil do not enter your local creeks, streams and waterways.

Public Involvement and Participation

  • Citizen Monitoring is any water quality monitoring activity that relies in whole or in part on participation by volunteers, students or non-paid staff. A variety of organizations may be involved in citizen monitoring projects, including but not limited to non-profit groups, Resource Conservation Districts (RCDs), Coordinated Resource Management and Planning (CRMP) groups, local government agencies, and colleges.

Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination


Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping



Program Effectiveness


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Annual Reporting and SMARTS

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General Information