Industrial Storm Water Program - Qualified Industrial Storm Water Practitioner (QISP)

Steps to becoming a QISP

The California Stormwater Quality Association (CASQA) has partnered with the Office of Water Programs at Sacramento State (OWP) to administer the Industrial General Permit (IGP) QISP Training Program. The QISP Training Program includes an internet-based learning management system and a one day in-person class training with an IGP Trainer of Record (IGP ToR). The QISP candidate must complete the following steps in the order shown below to receive their QISP training certificate.

  1. Registration
    • Log in or create an account at to register to take the QISP exam,
    • Pay the $475 fee (good for 2 years). This also provides you with access to your online account,
    • After you are logged in, click 'Stormwater Certificates' (on the upper right corner of the webpage), and
    • Click 'IGP QISP'
  2. Complete the internet-based training
    Training consists of videos, quizzes, and reading assignments. You may take the self-assessment quizzes as often as you like.
  3. Pass a midterm exam
    You have two attempts to pass the 35-question midterm with a grade of 70% or higher. The exam must be completed in a single two-hour session.
  4. Complete the one-day, in-person training with an IGP Trainer of Record (IGP ToR)
    After passing the midterm exam, register for the i n-person IGP ToR training via the class calendar at A public version of the calendar is available at
  5. Pass the final exam
    You have two attempts to pass the 70-question final exam with a grade of 70% or higher. The exam must be completed in a single four-hour session. The candidate will obtain their QISP training certificate after passing the final exam.

QISP Training Program Resources

QISP Training for California Registered Professional Engineers and Geologists

The California Department of Consumer Affairs, Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists (CBPELSG) provides the professional registration of engineers, geologists, and other disciplines in California. The Office of Water Programs offers a specialized self-guided State Water Board-sponsored registration and training program specifically for registered engineers and geologists in good standing with CBPELSG.
To complete the training and self-certification:

  1. Create an account on the Office of Water Programs website at,
  2. Sign into your account or create a new account,
  3. Click ‘Stormwater Certificates’ (on the upper right corner of the webpage) and then click IGP CBPELSG,
  4. Complete the required reading, and
  5. Self-certify

For questions about the CBPELSG QISP Training Program registration or online training accommodations, please contact the Office of Water Programs at or by phone at (916) 278-6142.

Purpose of QISP Training in the Industrial General Permit (IGP)

In the adoption of the IGP in 2014, the State Water Board recognized the need for a comprehensive training program to provide the following:

  • Statewide training specifically for individuals assisting Dischargers with compliance of this permit (QISPs),
  • Standardized knowledge of implementing the Industrial General Permit through training, and

Required quality assurance, sampling methods, and protocols for storm water discharge sampling. Obtaining storm water discharge data that is higher in quality is crucial for future regulations in the permit.

Industrial General Permit Training Team (IGPTT) Background

The IGPTT is tasked with the following:

  • Develop QISP training content,
  • Develop the process for receiving and managing the QISP training that is reasonable and flexible, and
  • Develop the Industrial General Permit Trainers of Record program.

IGPTT Member Selection Process

On September 24, 2012, staff held three (3) hour informal workshop on the training development for the IGP reissuance. State Water Board staff provided members of the public the opportunity to apply for a position on the IGPTT at the workshops and sent a list-serve message to publicize this opportunity. Interested parties applied using a web survey. Staff reviewed the survey applications and developed a notification process over the next year. In May of 2013, staff notified applicants whether they were appointed to the IGPTT or if they were put on a subcommittee to assist the IGPTT.


  • Approximately 15 seats were filled to make up the IGPTT. Another 10-15 seats were reserved for subcommittee members.
  • Members agreed to a 1-2 year commitment and are required to dedicate 10-40 hours per month on the effort.
  • Regular attendance to the monthly meetings is required (phone or in person)


The IGPTT had a kickoff meeting on August 1, 2013 in Sacramento. The IGPTT members focused on the development of the training in the following areas:

  • Industrial General Permit topics to cover, training materials to develop, and technical training objectives.
  • Deployment and selection of a Learning Management System. The IGPTT was tasked with identifying reasonable alternatives for in-person QISP training using technology and creating the framework for deploying the QISP training content.
  • Deployment and content development for the Industrial General Permit Trainer of Record (IGP ToR) training program. IGP ToRs are the individuals conducting the one-day in person portion of the QISPs training. This IGPTT is responsible for developing and overseeing this process. A subcommittee of this Committee is the Statement of Qualifications review panel, responsible for developing the metrics for approving IGP ToR's application and coordinating with the California Stormwater Quality Association (CASQA) on this process.
  • The IGPTT's Examination and Surveys Subcommitte is responsible for facilitating and designing surveys, quizzes, and exam questions for the QISP training content.

Professionals in the storm water field attended a feedback forum held on February 27th 2014 in Sacramento. Attendees reviewed the draft training approach, time involved in the pieces of the content, and the deployment of the training. Staff held a similar event for the development of the Construction General Permit training. Staff received crucial feedback from peers to finalize the direction of the QISP training content and deployment.

CASQA awarded a contract to WGR Southwest to develop the online Learning Management System for this training in the fall of 2015, and the development was completed the spring of 2016.

CASQA deployed two notices for "Requests for Qualification" for IGP ToRs. Candidate IGP ToRs came to Sacramento on June 17-18, 2015 and January 27-28, 2016, for this required training and completed their qualification requirements. Currently there are 173 Qualified IGP ToRs in California.

The QISP Training Program became available on May 1, 2016. The IGPTT meets monthly to discuss the QISP Training Program progress.

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