Special Situation License Terms - A through Z

Index to Special Situation License Terms - A through Z

These terms have not been pre-approved, therefore they cannot be used like standard terms (applicant must agree to use of the term for protest dismissals)

No. Description
A1 Placer County Water Agency Spills or Return Flow Water
B1 Purchase from Nevada Irrigation District
C1 Tributaries to Lake Hennessy
D1 Tributaries to Clear Lake - Agreement
D2 Tributaries to Clear Lake - No Agreement
D3 Clear Lake
E1 Stony Creek Watershed - Above Black Butte Reservoir
E2 Stony Creek Watershed - Above Stony Gorge Reservoir
E3 Stony Creek Watershed - Above East park Reservoir
F1 Pit River - PG&E Prior Rights
G1 Fish Bypass on Lower Pescadero Creek or Butano Creek (San Mateo County)
H1 Retrofit or Incidental Power - No IBUA
H2 Power on Existing Canals or Pipelines - No IBUA
I1 Power - Subject to Upstream Uses
J1 Other Agency Approvals (not carried into license)
K1 Dam Safety - Already Built (not carried into license)
K2 Dam Safety - Not Built (not carried into license)
L1 San Lorenzo River Watershed
M1 Reserved Jurisdiction - Unforseen Impacts
N1 Subject to Watermaster
O1 Reserved
P1 Prior Pueblo Right of City of San Diego
Q1 Calaveras River Watershed Above New Hogan Reservoir (not carried into license)
R1 Measuring Devices - Direct Diversion
S1 Maintain Existing Outlet Pipe
T1 Subject to Specified Prior Right
U-Z Reserved


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