Water Rights Enforcement - ACL Complaint Actions

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ACL Complaints related to the Russian River Tributaries Emergency Regulation Information Order are available here.

Questions about these topics may be directed to the Enforcement Program Staff for assistance.


Project Notice of ACL Complaint Final ACL
Notice of Administrative Civil Liability Complaint Order
Final ACLO
Soda Creek Ranch LLC
issued December 8, 2021 Order WR-2022-0094-DWR issued on February 11, 2022
Fabiola Lopez issued March 25, 2021 Order WR-2022-0150-DWR issued on June 9, 2022
Draft Cease and Desist Orders and Cease and Desist Orders
Notice of Cease and Desist Order (draft)
Final CDO
Darrell Evenson and Jose Rodriguez
issued 12/22/2021 Order WR-2022-0101-DWR issued on March 16, 2022
Soda Creek Ranch LLC issued December 8, 2021 Order WR-2022-0098-DWR issued on February 11, 2022
Fabiola Lopez issued March 25, 2021 Order WR-2022-0150-DWR issued on February 11, 2022


Project Notice of ACL Complaint Final ACL
Darrel Evenson and Jose Rodriguez Administrative Civil Liability Complaint December 22, 2021 WR 2022-0100 DWR
Cassidy Mandzik Administrative Civil Liability Complaint April 20, 2021 WR 2022-0096 DWR


Project Notice of ACL Complaint Final ACL
Draft Administrative Civil Liability Complaint for Kevin Gonzalves May 5, 2020  
2020 Failure to File Annual Use    


Project Notice of ACL Complaint Final ACL
Jacqueline Groft May 17, 2019 Order WR 2019-0035-DWR


Project Notice of ACL Complaint Final ACL
2016-2017 Failure to File Annual Use    


Project Notice of ACL Complaint Final ACL
SCP LLC, Khan Tran Trong, and/or Ken Tran (related to Russian River Tributaries Emergency Regulation - enhanced water conservation provisions) 05/04/2016 WR 2016-0014-DWR
2015 Failure to File Annual Use    


Project Notice of ACL Complaint Final ACL
Peder Hoy and Mike Passalaqua 10/29/2015  
Rickland E. Vicini et al 10/13/2015 WR 2015-0040-DWR
G. Scott Fahey 9/1/2015 Pending
Mark Hodgetts 8/27/2015 WR 2015-0031-EXEC
Byron-Bethany Irrigation District 7/20/2015 2016-0015
Allen and Ginny Hovsepian 5/4/2015 Pending
Harry S. Pascuzzi, Trustee 3/17/2015 Pending
Patrick Vincent Ricchiuti, Trustee 3/17/2015 Pending
Anthony F. Cubre Jr., Trustee 3/17/2015 WR 2015-0020-DWR
Paramount Citrus 2/13/2015 WR 2015-0018-DWR
Norgard Properties Inc. 1/14/2015 Pending
Sterling Norgard 1/14/2015 Pending
Windfield Ranch 1/14/2015 Compliance Achieved
Dan Sterling 1/14/2015 Compliance Achieved
Ulf Aspenlind 1/14/2015 Pending
Central Land Company 1/14/2015 Compliance Achieved
Anna Oakley 1/14/2015 Withdrawn
Frank J Gomes Dairy 1/14/2015 Compliance Achieved
Dixie Lee Tomlinson 1/14/2015 WR 2015-0011-DWR
Lakhvir Ghag 1/14/2015 Revoked
Anthony J Dutra 1/14/2015 Pending
David W Lanza Family '96 Trust 1/14/2015 Compliance Achieved
Madison Valley Partnership 1/14/2015 WR 2015-0015-DWR
Cason L Baugh 1/14/2015 Compliance Achieved
Frances L & Estate of Myrvin C Carey 1/14/2015 WR 2015-0014-DWR
Trinitas Dixon LLC 1/14/2015 Compliance Achieved
Dorothy H Heise 1/14/2015 Compliance Achieved
Ramona Ramacciotti Wooten 1/14/2015 Compliance Achieved
Alderpoint County Water District 1/14/2015 Compliance Achieved
Buena Tierra Vineyard Ltd 1/14/2015 Compliance Achieved
Elizabeth Bond Trust 1/14/2015 Pending
Johnson Creek Ditch Users Association 1/14/2015 Compliance Achieved
San Lorenzo Valley Water District 1/14/2015 WR 2015-0009-DWR
Vincent Shammo 1/14/2015 WR 2015-0005-DWR
Amos Tripp 1/14/2015 Compliance Achieved
Jane S Roberts 1/14/2015 Withdrawn
Frederick Anklin 1/14/2015 WR 2015-0010-DWR
Wells Vineyard 1/14/2015 WR 2015-0008-DWR
Heath Family Partners LP 1/14/2015 WR 2015-0003-DWR
Joseph Vavuris 1/14/2015 WR 2015-0006-DWR
County of Sacramento 1/14/2015 Compliance Achieved
Klamath Land & Cattle Co. 1/14/2015 WR 2015-0004-DWR
Estate of Frank Teixeira 1/14/2015 WR 2015-0007-DWR
Robert C. Mann 6/14/2012 WR 2015-0025


Project Notice of ACL Complaint Final ACL
Richard L. Freschet 11/22/2013 WR 2014-0027-DWR
Black Kite Cellars 11/22/2013 WR 2013-0075-DWR
J. Piazza Farms, Inc. 11/22/2013 WR 2013-0070-DWR
Grapevine Holding L-1, LLC 11/22/2023 WR 2013-0077-DWR
Steven J. Earle 11/22/2013 WR 2013-0069-DWR
Peter A. Cargasacchi 11/22/2013 WR 2014-0019-DWR
Rachelann T. Daniel 11/22/2013 WR 2014-0001-DWR
Rio Vista Ranch, LLC 11/22/2013 WR 2014-0002-DWR
George C. Gaines 11/13/2013  
Lloyd Pareira et al 11/12/2013 WR 2013-0068-DWR
Jeff and Kathleen Kennedy 11/12/2013 WR 2013-0072-DWR
Mendocino County 11/12/2013 WR 2014-0011-DWR
James Salisbury 11/12/2013 WR 2013-0073-DWR
Robert C. Pedotti 11/12/2013 WR 2014-0017-DWR
Short Ranch 11/12/2013 WR 2014-0003-DWR
Washington County Water District 11/12/2013 WR 2013-0071-DWR
Milovina Vineyards 4/23/2013 WR 2015-0029-EXEC
Flocchini Estate, LLC. 3/8/2013 WR 2015-0023-EXEC
Bruce, Jim and Russ Henning Ranch 3/8/2013 WR 2013-0062-EXEC
Heber Field Company 6/17/2013 WR 2013-0027-DWR
Carol Rhodehouse 6/17/2013 WR 2013-0032-DWR
POSZ Ranch et al. 6/17/2013 WR 2013-0028-DWR
Dirk Vlot et al. 6/17/2013 WR 2013-0034-DWR
Deep Violet Farms, Inc. 6/17/2013 WR 2013-0033-DWR
O'Brien Ranch, LLC 7/3/2013 WR 2013-0031-DWR
Steve Rector & Anne Frocteau N/A R1-2013-0045
Birdie Vanderford Trust B 10/25/2013  
Barbara Costigliolo et al. 10/25/2013 WR 2013-0066-DWR
Patty Montz & John Montz Sr. 10/25/2013 WR 2014-0006-DWR
Nancy Ward 10/25/2013 WR 2014-0018-DWR
WR 2015-0013-EXEC
Robert Pedotti et al. 10/25/2013 WR 2014-0016-DWR
Montz Ranches, A Partnership 10/25/2013 WR 2014-0007-DWR
Harry Baker Jr. 10/25/2013 WR 2014-0008-DWR
County of San Bernardino 10/25/2013 WR 2013-0067-DWR
Arlan Moore Living Trust et al. 10/25/2013 WR 2013-0061-DWR
Joseph Perez Trust et al. 10/25/2013 WR 2014-0009-DWR
M A & S Manuli Trust 10/25/2013 WR 2014-0010-DWR
WR 2014-0025-EXEC
Leland Stanford Jr. University 10/25/2013 WR 2013-0060-DWR
County of Sonoma 10/25/2013 WR 2013-0065-DWR
Frank Rogers et al. 10/25/2013 WR 2013-0063-DWR
James & Neva Bohannan 10/25/2013 WR 2013-0064-DWR


Project Notice of ACL Complaint Final ACL
Carol Anderson-Ward 9/13/12 WR 2013-0016-DWR
Joseph Awender 9/13/12 WR 2013-0012-DWR
Carl Elkins 9/13/12 WR 2014-0004-EXEC
John Friend 9/13/12 12/11/2012
Hidden Vineyard LLC 9/13/12 WR 2012-0027-DWR
Edward Machado 9/13/12 WR 2012-0031-DWR
Joel Mandujano 9/13/12 WR 2012-0030-DWR
Fred Podesta Jr 9/13/12 WR 2012-0032-DWR
Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency 9/13/12 WR 2012-0028-DWR
Slavic Missionary Church Inc. 9/13/12 WR 2012-0029-DWR
Nancy K. Donovan and Stephen J. Peters 6/14/12 WR 2016-0025-DWR
Robert C. Mann 6/14/12 WR 2012-0025
Freeman   4/19/12 WR 2012-0023-DWR
Henry J. LaFranchi   4/19/12  WR 2012-0026-DWR
OShaughnessy 4/19/12 8/7/12
Hidden Valley Lake Community Services District 4/19/12 WR 2012-0014-EXEC
Domb Family trust 4/18/12  4/30/12
Kent Ritchie 4/18/12  WR 2012-0024-DWR
Dana Radtkey 4/18/12 6/26/12
Albert Bendich  4/11/12 7/6/12
David Burton 4/11/12 WR 2013-0023-EXEC
David Croft 4/10/12 5/11/13
Elliott Smith 4/10/12  WR 2012-0025-DWR
Corbin and Pamela Gwaltney 4/2/12  WR 2013-0021-EXEC
John C. Coleman, Jr. 3/23/12  WR 2013-0022-EXEC
Douglas K. Ivey 3/23/12  WR 2012-0022-DWR
Arthur Temple III 3/22/12 WR 2012-0020-DWR
Younan and Sandra Dawood 3/16/12 WR 2014-0024-EXEC
Neill Giese and Kathleen Coelingh 3/16/12  WR 2013-0020-EXEC
Newton Dalpoggetto 3/16/12 PENDING HEARING
Michele M. Amendola and Jack A. Chandler 3/15/12 7/15/15
GRR Vineyard LLC 3/8/12 WR 2013-0015-EXEC
Ronald E. Buhler 3/6/12 5/8/12


Project Notice of ACL Complaint Final ACL
J.W. and B.O. Silveira 11/1/11 5/8/12
Righetti and Sons 1/3/11 7/3/12


Project Notice of ACL Complaint Final ACL
Peter and Nancy Lang (dba Safari West) 12/7/10  


Project Notice of ACL Complaint Final ACL
Gallo Glass Company 4/20/09 WR-2010-0014-EXEC


Project Notice of ACL Complaint Final ACL
North Gualala Water Company - Violation of Permit Terms 10/29/08 WR-2009-0036-EXEC
Brian S. Lowell 7/7/08 WR-2009-0023-EXEC
Carreras Ranch LLC - Unauthorized Diversion 8/30/08 WR-2009-0035-EXEC
Harriet Piper et.al. and Manchester Ridge LLC - Unauthorized Diversion 7/10/08 WR-2009-0030-EXEC
Garrapata Water Company - Unauthorized Diversion 6/10/08 WR-2010-0028-EXEC


Project Notice of ACL Complaint Final ACL
None in 2007    


Project Notice of ACL Complaint Final ACL
The Vineyard Club, Inc. ACL 262.5-44
WR 2008-0015
North San Joaquin Water Conservation District ACL 262.5-46
WR 2008-0017
Monson-Pacific, Inc. ACL 262.5-43
WR 2007-0001-EXEC


Project Notice of ACL Complaint Final ACL
Lake Arrowhead Community Services District ACL 262.5-40
WR 2006-0001