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Administrative Civil Liability Complaint Actions


Project Notice of ACL Complaint Final ACL
SCP LLC, Khan Tran Trong, and/or Ken Tran (related to Russian River Tributaries Emergency Regulation - enhanced water conservation provisions) 05/04/2016
WR 2016-0014-DWR



Project Notice of ACL Complaint Final ACL
Peder Hoy and Mike Passalaqua 10/29/2015  
Rickland E. Vicini et al 10/13/2015 WR 2015-0040-DWR
G. Scott Fahey 9/1/2015 Pending
Mark Hodgetts 8/27/2015 WR 2015-0031-EXEC
Byron-Bethany Irrigation District 7/20/2015 2016-0015
Allen and Ginny Hovsepian 5/4/2015 Pending
Harry S. Pascuzzi, Trustee 3/17/2015 Pending
Patrick Vincent Ricchiuti, Trustee 3/17/2015 Pending
Anthony F. Cubre Jr., Trustee 3/17/2015 WR 2015-0020-DWR
Paramount Citrus 2/13/2015 WR 2015-0018-DWR
Norgard Properties Inc. 1/14/2015 Pending
Sterling Norgard 1/14/2015 Pending
Windfield Ranch 1/14/2015 Compliance Achieved
Dan Sterling 1/14/2015 Compliance Achieved
Ulf Aspenlind 1/14/2015 Pending
Central Land Company 1/14/2015 Compliance Achieved
Anna Oakley 1/14/2015 Withdrawn
Frank J Gomes Dairy 1/14/2015 Compliance Achieved
Dixie Lee Tomlinson 1/14/2015 WR 2015-0011-DWR
Lakhvir Ghag 1/14/2015 Revoked
Anthony J Dutra 1/14/2015 Pending
David W Lanza Family '96 Trust 1/14/2015 Compliance Achieved
Madison Valley Partnership 1/14/2015 WR 2015-0015-DWR
Cason L Baugh 1/14/2015 Compliance Achieved
Frances L & Estate of Myrvin C Carey 1/14/2015 WR 2015-0014-DWR
Trinitas Dixon LLC 1/14/2015 Compliance Achieved
Dorothy H Heise 1/14/2015 Compliance Achieved
Ramona Ramacciotti Wooten 1/14/2015 Compliance Achieved
Alderpoint County Water District 1/14/2015 Compliance Achieved
Buena Tierra Vineyard Ltd 1/14/2015 Compliance Achieved
Elizabeth Bond Trust 1/14/2015 Pending
Johnson Creek Ditch Users Association 1/14/2015 Compliance Achieved
San Lorenzo Valley Water District 1/14/2015 WR 2015-0009-DWR
Vincent Shammo 1/14/2015 WR 2015-0005-DWR
Amos Tripp 1/14/2015 Compliance Achieved
Jane S Roberts 1/14/2015 Withdrawn
Frederick Anklin 1/14/2015 WR 2015-0010-DWR
Wells Vineyard 1/14/2015 WR 2015-0008-DWR
Heath Family Partners LP 1/14/2015 WR 2015-0003-DWR
Joseph Vavuris 1/14/2015 WR 2015-0006-DWR
County of Sacramento 1/14/2015 Compliance Achieved
Klamath Land & Cattle Co. 1/14/2015 WR 2015-0004-DWR
Estate of Frank Teixeira 1/14/2015 WR 2015-0007-DWR
Robert C. Mann 6/14/2012 WR 2015-0025


Project Notice of ACL Complaint Final ACL
Richard L. Freschet11/22/2013 WR 2014-0027-DWR
Black Kite Cellars 11/22/2013 WR 2013-0075-DWR
J. Piazza Farms, Inc. 11/22/2013 WR 2013-0070-DWR
Grapevine Holding L-1, LLC 11/22/2023 WR 2013-0077-DWR
Steven J. Earle 11/22/2013 WR 2013-0069-DWR
Peter A. Cargasacchi 11/22/2013 WR 2014-0019-DWR
Rachelann T. Daniel 11/22/2013 WR 2014-0001-DWR
Rio Vista Ranch, LLC 11/22/2013 WR 2014-0002-DWR
George C. Gaines 11/13/2013  
Lloyd Pareira et al 11/12/2013 WR 2013-0068-DWR
Jeff and Kathleen Kennedy 11/12/2013 WR 2013-0072-DWR
Mendocino County 11/12/2013 WR 2014-0011-DWR
James Salisbury 11/12/2013 WR 2013-0073-DWR
Robert C. Pedotti 11/12/2013 WR 2014-0017-DWR
Short Ranch 11/12/2013 WR 2014-0003-DWR
Washington County Water District 11/12/2013 WR 2013-0071-DWR
Milovina Vineyards 4/23/2013 WR 2015-0029-EXEC
Flocchini Estate, LLC. 3/8/2013 WR 2015-0023-EXEC
Bruce, Jim and Russ Henning Ranch 3/8/2013 WR 2013-0062-EXEC
Heber Field Company 6/17/2013 WR 2013-0027-DWR
Carol Rhodehouse 6/17/2013 WR 2013-0032-DWR
POSZ Ranch et al. 6/17/2013 WR 2013-0028-DWR
Dirk Vlot et al. 6/17/2013 WR 2013-0034-DWR
Deep Violet Farms, Inc. 6/17/2013 WR 2013-0033-DWR
O'Brien Ranch, LLC 7/3/2013 WR 2013-0031-DWR
Steve Rector & Anne Frocteau N/A R1-2013-0045
Birdie Vanderford Trust B 10/25/2013  
Barbara Costigliolo et al. 10/25/2013 WR 2013-0066-DWR
Patty Montz & John Montz Sr. 10/25/2013 WR 2014-0006-DWR
Nancy Ward 10/25/2013 WR 2014-0018-DWR
WR 2015-0013-EXEC
Robert Pedotti et al. 10/25/2013 WR 2014-0016-DWR
Montz Ranches, A Partnership 10/25/2013 WR 2014-0007-DWR
Harry Baker Jr. 10/25/2013 WR 2014-0008-DWR
County of San Bernardino 10/25/2013 WR 2013-0067-DWR
Arlan Moore Living Trust et al. 10/25/2013 WR 2013-0061-DWR
Joseph Perez Trust et al. 10/25/2013 WR 2014-0009-DWR
M A & S Manuli Trust 10/25/2013 WR 2014-0010-DWR
WR 2014-0025-EXEC
Leland Stanford Jr. University 10/25/2013 WR 2013-0060-DWR
County of Sonoma 10/25/2013 WR 2013-0065-DWR
Frank Rogers et al. 10/25/2013 WR 2013-0063-DWR
James & Neva Bohannan 10/25/2013 WR 2013-0064-DWR



Project Notice of ACL Complaint Final ACL
Carol Anderson-Ward 9/13/12 WR 2013-0016-DWR
Joseph Awender 9/13/12 WR 2013-0012-DWR
Carl Elkins 9/13/12 WR 2014-0004-EXEC
John Friend 9/13/12 12/11/2012
Hidden Vineyard LLC 9/13/12 WR 2012-0027-DWR
Edward Machado 9/13/12 WR 2012-0031-DWR
Joel Mandujano 9/13/12 WR 2012-0030-DWR
Fred Podesta Jr 9/13/12 WR 2012-0032-DWR
Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency 9/13/12 WR 2012-0028-DWR
Slavic Missionary Church Inc. 9/13/12 WR 2012-0029-DWR
Nancy K. Donovan and Stephen J. Peters 6/14/12 WR 2016-0025-DWR
Robert C. Mann 6/14/12 WR 2012-0025
Freeman   4/19/12 WR 2012-0023-DWR
Henry J. LaFranchi   4/19/12  WR 2012-0026-DWR
OShaughnessy 4/19/12 8/7/12
Hidden Valley Lake Community Services District 4/19/12 WR 2012-0014-EXEC
Domb Family trust 4/18/12  4/30/12
Kent Ritchie 4/18/12  WR 2012-0024-DWR
Dana Radtkey 4/18/12 6/26/12
Albert Bendich  4/11/12 7/6/12
David Burton 4/11/12 WR 2013-0023-EXEC
David Croft 4/10/12 5/11/13
Elliott Smith 4/10/12  WR 2012-0025-DWR
Corbin and Pamela Gwaltney 4/2/12  WR 2013-0021-EXEC
John C. Coleman, Jr. 3/23/12  WR 2013-0022-EXEC
Douglas K. Ivey 3/23/12  WR 2012-0022-DWR
Arthur Temple III 3/22/12 WR 2012-0020-DWR
Younan and Sandra Dawood 3/16/12 WR 2014-0024-EXEC
Neill Giese and Kathleen Coelingh 3/16/12  WR 2013-0020-EXEC
Newton Dalpoggetto 3/16/12 PENDING HEARING
Michele M. Amendola and Jack A. Chandler 3/15/12 7/15/15
GRR Vineyard LLC 3/8/12 WR 2013-0015-EXEC
Ronald E. Buhler 3/6/12 5/8/12


Project Notice of ACL Complaint Final ACL
J.W. and B.O. Silveira 11/1/11 5/8/12
Righetti and Sons 1/3/11 7/3/12


Project Notice of ACL Complaint Final ACL
Peter and Nancy Lang (dba Safari West) 12/7/10  


Project Notice of ACL Complaint Final ACL
Gallo Glass Company 4/20/09 WR-2010-0014-EXEC


Project Notice of ACL Complaint Final ACL
North Gualala Water Company - Violation of Permit Terms 10/29/08 WR-2009-0036-EXEC
Brian S. Lowell 7/7/08 WR-2009-0023-EXEC
Carreras Ranch LLC - Unauthorized Diversion 8/30/08 WR-2009-0035-EXEC
Harriet Piper et.al. and Manchester Ridge LLC - Unauthorized Diversion 7/10/08 WR-2009-0030-EXEC
Garrapata Water Company - Unauthorized Diversion 6/10/08 WR-2010-0028-EXEC


Project Notice of ACL Complaint Final ACL
None in 2007    


Project Notice of ACL Complaint Final ACL
The Vineyard Club, Inc. ACL 262.5-44
WR 2008-0015
North San Joaquin Water Conservation District ACL 262.5-46
WR 2008-0017
Monson-Pacific, Inc. ACL 262.5-43
WR 2007-0001-EXEC


Project Notice of ACL Complaint Final ACL
Lake Arrowhead  Community Services District ACL 262.5-40
WR 2006-0001